Trinity’s 2023 U of T Student Leadership Award Winners

Posted: February 08, 2023

Congratulations to our seven Trinity College students on their 2023 U of T Student Leadership Awards! The University of Toronto Student Leadership Awards (UTSLA) recognize graduating students for outstanding student leadership, volunteer service, and commitment to the university broadly, to their own division, or for contributions in both areas.

Trinity College’s UTSLA 2023 Recipients: 

Reshma Aser, Madeleine Frechette, Jiwoo Jennifer Han, Tourang Movahedi, Rhidita Saha, Yash Narain Sharma and Angelina Jiayi Zhang

Of their many contributions, these #TrinityGrad23 are most proud of:

Reshma Aser: “I am most proud of my work as Editor-in-Chief for NAMUN (North American Model UN). The role was extremely challenging and rewarding, and I learned the most about student leadership through this opportunity.”

Madeleine Frechette: Madeleine is most proud of the contributions she has made as Co-President of the Environmental Students’ Union to enhance U of T’s commitments to social and environmental sustainability on campus.

Jiwoo Jennifer Han: Jennifer has been an active leader in her programs of study by serving as the Finance Director of IR Society and President of CAS Student Union in 2021-2023.

Tourang Movahedi: Tourang is most proud of their work during their tenure as a Head of Non-Residence Affairs at Trinity College.

Yash Narain Sharma: Yash is most proud of being a Non-Resident Year-Head over the past 2 years. He’s passionate about integrating commuter students into the college community and providing accessible events for all.

Angelina Jiayi Zhang: Angelina has expanded oral advocacy programs for pre-law students, promoted initiatives to foster diversity in the legal sphere, and helped connect students with alumni and legal professionals.

If you are a Trinity College program student (International Relations; Ethics, Society & Law; or Immunology) or alumni who received a 2023 U of T Student Leadership Award, please let us know – email

We extend our congratulations to all recipients of the 2023 U of T Student Leadership Awards (PDF)!

About the Award:

The University of Toronto Student Leadership Award continues U of T’s long-standing tradition of recognizing outstanding student leadership, volunteer service, and commitment to the university. This tradition began with the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award, which ran from 1994 – 2019 and was named in honour of Mr. Gordon Cressy, former Vice-President, Development and University Relations. In naming the award, the University of Toronto Alumni Association (UTAA) recognized Cressy’s leadership and volunteer service across various spheres, as well as his term at the university. During the award’s 25-year history, it celebrated the exemplary contributions of more than 4,000 students whose commitment and volunteerism had a lasting impact on their peers and the university.

The University of Toronto Student Leadership Award (UTSLA) continues the spirit of the retired Cressy Award. Recipients of the UTSLA  join the distinguished community of past Cressy Award recipients in being honoured for their exemplary leadership and volunteer service to U of T.