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Celebrating Trinity Staff/Faculty

Trinity’s Wellness Team’s social media series celebrates and highlights our incredible staff and faculty at the College. The Team hopes by highlighting and honouring the work of our staff and faculty members, our students and community can get to know each other better over the next few months! This month – meet Cameron McBurney (see below or view on Instagram), Assistant Dean of Students – Student Life!

Posted July 19, 2022

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Meet Cameron McBurney

Assistant Dean of Students – Student Life

(Image: Cam McBurney in the Trinity Quad )

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Wellness Team (WT): Why do you enjoy working at Trinity College?

Cam McBurney (CM): I like the small community and opportunities to engage with and support student-lead initiatives. Plus my colleagues are great!

WT: What is your favourite location on the Trinity or U of T campus?

CM: Mornings in the Trinity quad – in the early spring and late fall – have a quiet peace that’s hard to find in a big city. The forest inside the Forestry building is pretty cool too!

WT: What is a fun memory or experience you have working at the College?

CM: There are too many to name! Food trucks on the back field, pumpkin carving in the quad, board game night in Melinda Seaman, student conferences in Seeley Hall, movie nights in the GIT, art talks with the Archives, and evenings with music in the Provost’s Lodge… it’s hard to pick one!

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WT: Why do you think it is important for us to celebrate and highlight the diversity of our College members?

CM: I think it’s a privilege to be a member of this community and the opportunity to learn more about the experiences of its members helps me feel more connected to it. Reflecting on the different experiences and knowledge here help me to grow and to better support members of the college.

WT: Do you have any advice you want to share with our students?

CM: Stay engaged on campus and stay physically active! Whether it’s a club, working, volunteering, or just hanging out… time on campus doing other productive activities will help you feel like you’re getting the most out of your experience. Come ask me about how to get engaged on campus or why you should!

My office is in the Student Services Centre: you can swing by to say hi, or email me for an appointment ( or email

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Any Fun Facts?

WT: Where is your dream vacation?

CM: It’s so hard to pick! Vacations look a little different now that I travel with young kids! I’m mostly excited to show them as much as I can.

WT: What is your favourite snack/food?

CM: I keep a well-stocked jar of chocolate-covered coffee beans on my desk… so probably that!

(Image: Vacation photo – holding hands, Cam’s two children walk along a pathway)

Photos courtesy of Cam McBurney

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