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Celebrating Trinity Staff/Faculty

Trinity’s Wellness Team’s social media series celebrates and highlights our incredible staff and faculty at the College. The Team hopes by highlighting and honouring the work of our staff and faculty members, our students and community can get to know each other better over the next few months! This month – meet Professor Marsha Hewitt, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Divinity (see below or view on Instagram)!

Posted October 17, 2022

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Introducing Marsha Hewitt

Wellness Team (WT): What is your role at Trinity College? 

Marsha Hewitt (MH): I am a Full Professor in the Faculty of Divinity. I am also a member of the Department for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto. In the coming academic year, 2022-2023, I will be Acting Dean of Divinity. No woman has held this position since the establishment of the faculty. I am also the first full-time, tenured woman faculty member in the Faculty of Divinity.

Students can contact me at:

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WT: Why do you enjoy working at Trinity College?

MH: Teaching is my vocation, and I choose that word carefully. I am happiest when teaching: we have wonderful, intelligent and interesting students at both Trinity College and the University of Toronto. It has always been, and remains for me, a pleasure and a privilege to work with them.


WT: Do you have any advice you want to share with our students?

MH: The great German philosopher Immanuel Kant’s most famous challenge, “Spaere Aude,” loosely translated as “dare to know” or take courage to use one’s own powers of understanding is energized by curiosity. To students I would add alongside Kant’s important dictum, “dare to be curious.” Maintain, nurture and protect your curiosity. Always. No matter where. No matter what.

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Any Fun Facts?

WT: Where is your dream vacation?

MH: The one place I love spending time is on the California Central Coast, the area including the Monterey Peninsula and extending south through Big Sur. It is one of the most beautiful places I know, it always feels good to be there. I go often to write, read and explore the area. It is possible to work there and relax at the same time. The locals call it “God’s Paradise,” which describes what if feels like to be there.

WT: Are you a dog or cat person? 

MH: I love dogs. Especially Cooper, our unofficial Therapy and Support dog in the Faculty of Divinity!

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