Ndidi Arimah

Ndidi Arimah

Ndidi Arimah at Fun Spot amusement park in Orlando, Florida (photo supplied)

Spotlight on Members of the Trinity Community:
Ndidi Arimah

Posted March 13, 2023

Meet fourth-year Trinity student Ndidi Arimah – Ndidi is one of two Senior Community Advisors (CAs) for the 2022-2023 academic year. We asked Ndidi a few questions about life as a CA and her university experiences.  (You can also learn more about the CA program here)

#TrinityGrad23: Ndidi Arimah
  • Program: Criminology & Socio-Legal Studies (major); Sociology and English (minor)
  • Hometown: Bowmanville, Ontario

Trinity College (TC): Why were you interested in being a Community Advisor?

Ndidi Arimah (NA): I was interested in being a CA as I had quite a bit of student life experience and I thought the CA role would be a different and challenging role to take on.

TC: Can you talk about your main responsibilities?

NA: My responsibilities include creating programming for students in my residence area, fostering community and being a person students can come and talk too. I also keep up with student progress and building friendships! As I Senior CA, I have my own section of CAs and I keep up with their progress as well and help solve any issues. CAs also make sure initiatives from the Dean of Students Office are being implemented.

TC: What is the most rewarding, and the most challenging, aspects of your CA role?

NA: The most rewarding aspect of the CA role is getting to know my students and seeing them excel in university life. Challenging – things can get pretty busy around exam times so you have to be on top of school. The role has helped me be more productive though!

TC: What do you enjoy the most about living in residence?

NA: I enjoy the small community and building relationships with people.

TC: What have you learned and enjoyed the most from your university journey/experiences?

NA: When I first came to U of T, I would only focus on academics and neglect other aspects. So I have learned how to be a well-rounded person. Enjoyable – all the amazing experiences I have gained from student leadership. I have met life-long friends and been a part of some great, fun things.

TC: What are your favourite Trinity memory?

NA: My favourite memory is probably orientation week. Everyone is so excited to come to Trinity and those feelings are infectious and motivating.

TC: As the academic year comes to a close, do you have any words of advice for current students? 

NA: I would say to make sure you are taking care of yourself in all areas of life – academically, mentally, physically, socially!

TC: What are your future plans?

NA: I’ll be looking for work within my desired field and pursing a master’s degree in that field!

TC: Outside of class, what would we find you doing?

NA: You would find me spending time with friends and family, walking and listening to podcasts, and eating at new restaurants downtown.

TC: Best lesson you learned during COVID that you will continue post-pandemic?

NA: It’s okay to take some time off! COVID taught me that when you are sick, REST. I never used to do this before.


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