Victoria McCutcheon

Celebrating Trinity Staff/Faculty

Trinity’s Wellness Team’s new social media series celebrates and highlights our incredible staff and faculty at the College. The Team hopes by highlighting and honouring the work of our staff and faculty members, our students and community can get to know each other better over the next few months! Meet Victoria McCutcheon, one of our Wellness and Student Life Programming Assistants!

Thanks to the Wellness Team for working with the team on this initiative.

Posted March 8, 2022

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Meet Victoria McCutcheon

Celebrating Trinity Staff/Faculty


(Image: Victoria McCutcheon takes a selfie)

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Wellness Team (WT): Why do you enjoy working at Trinity?

Victoria McCutcheon (VM): I love getting to see some of the behind-the-scenes of residence life and helping to make the student experience at Trinity more meaningful! Having lived here during my first two years of uni and having previously worked at the Welcome Desk, I’ve definitely learned a lot about navigating university life that I’m always open to chatting about!

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WT: Why do you think its important to celebrate and highlight diversity at Trinity?

VM: I think that there is so much value in celebrating and recognizing the variety of perspectives, backgrounds and identities that exist within our college and at the university in general. It allows us to grow as people and become more empathetic human beings when we take the opportunity to learn about the experiences and beliefs of others.

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WT: Fav location at Trinity?

VM: Definitely Stedman Library! I spent a lot of late nights and early mornings writing essays there in first year! SUCH a beautiful space and it is almost always quiet!

WT: Fun memory of working at the college?

VM: That one time a squirrel almost got into the Student Services Centre. We kept seeing him pop up in various spots throughout the building and everyone was providing hilarious updates over email about his whereabouts! Never a dull moment! (Don’t worry, he was safely rescued)

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WT: Any advice for students?

VM: Seek discomfort! Would recommend checking out @yestheory! University is an excellent time to try new things and figure out who you are!

WT: How can students contact you?

VM: DM us @fortrinstudents on Instagram! Or send me an email at! We are always looking to collaborate with student groups for wellness events!

Victoria McCutcheon Profile slide 6 Fun Facts about Victoria:

  1. I’m always down for a Taco Bell Crunchwrap… any time of day, say the word and I’m there.
  2. I have a boxer named Gracie who is a literal Queen.
  3. I broke my collar bone falling off a couch when I was six… it was a moment.
  4. I love historical fiction!


(Image: Victoria stands behind a skeleton display)

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Victoria’s Photos!

(Image: top) Victoria at the Natural History Museum in NYC giving ‘gum gum’ to ‘Dum Dum’

(Image: lower left): Victoria’s dog Gracie

(Image: lower right): Victoria’s bird Queso (she’s a lovebird)


Photos courtesy of Victoria McCutcheon

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