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Trinity College Task Force

Task Force on Anti-Black Racism and Inclusion at Trinity College

October 30, 2020

The work of the Trinity College Task Force on Anti-Black Racism and Inclusion is well underway. The Task Force will develop recommendations to address anti-Black racism and other forms of discrimination and to enhance the inclusiveness of the college.

“Racism and discrimination are unacceptable everywhere – this especially holds true for educational institutions which have a special obligation to ensure that everyone reaches their potential. While we have worked to create a more inclusive environment over the past several years, we have much more work to do,” said Professor Mayo Moran, Provost and Vice-Chancellor. “It is heartening to see the depth of commitment from the Trinity community, and I’d like to sincerely thank all members for serving on the Task Force. This is a ‘whole college’ effort and we are all committed to making the change necessary to ensure that Trinity is a place where everyone can flourish.”

The Task Force includes students, alumni and faculty from both our Arts & Science and Divinity programs, as well as staff, fellows and members of the college’s governance bodies. Co-chaired by Assistant Provost Jonathan Steels and Ramata Tarawally, Associate Director, Community Wellness, the Task Force has strong representation of those affected by anti-Black racism and other forms of discrimination and exclusion. The members of the Task Force also serve on one of four Working Groups, which focus on issues that were identified in the consultations and community feedback held over the last few months. The Working Groups address the following topics:

  • Admission to college, readmission to residence; financial support and awards; student programs and support;
  • Student culture, clubs and organizations; student governance and leadership;
  • Recruitment, appointment, training and support for employees and governance bodies; and
  • Culture and environment of the college, including events, programs and organizations, communications, and physical environment.

The Task Force will produce recommendations by the end of this term. The recommendations will be presented to the Trinity College Board of Trustees and other college governance bodies and will then be shared with the larger community. The recommendations are expected at the end of this term and the goal is to begin implementation as soon as possible.

Provost Moran announced a number of measures including the creation of the Task Force in response to the concerns raised last summer by members of the Trinity community. Other measures the College has taken include the creation of a special BIPOC bursary and dedicated mentoring program, a BIPOC writing circle and dedicated reading collections, and the formation of a working group of faculty that is examining how to strengthen the inclusiveness of Trinity’s academic programs. The College has also launched its enhanced equity, diversity and inclusion programming. In mid-October, 174 members of the Trinity community joined a special session organized by U of T’s Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office. This was the first in a series of comprehensive training sessions for members of the whole college community.


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