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Trinity in the News

Below you will find links to various news media featuring members of the Trinity College community. The opinions expressed in media clips are those of the authors. There may be paywalls on some of the links.


Latest Media Clips

March 2023 (Last Updated March 27)
February 2023

The Latest in Ukraine

January 2023

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In Memoriam: Trinity College Chancellor The Hon. William (Bill) C. Graham 

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March 2022

War in Ukraine

Other News & Commentary


February 2022

Crisis in Ukraine



Convoy and Protests

January 2022

Dr. Jack Cunningham and Prof. Aurel Braun discuss the crisis in Ukraine:

Fellow Dr. Jack Cunningham, Program Coordinator, Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History:

Fellow Prof. Aurel Braun:

COVID-19: Alum and Associate of the College Prof. Colin Furness, an infection-control epidemiologist, discusses the pandemic:


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Young Um
Director, Communications & Public Affairs

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