Orthodox and Eastern Christian Studies

Masters Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates in Orthodox and Eastern Christian Studies


A program to introduce education in Eastern Christian and Orthodox theology to three student audiences:
• those seeking a Masters level degree in Orthodox studies;
• degree students who wish to include some knowledge of Orthodox tradition in their own course of studies;
• adult learners who seek a mature and rich knowledge of Orthodox tradition on a non-credit basis.
With permission, senior undergraduates are also welcome.
For non-credit students, the requirement is only regular attendance, class participation and doing the readings; no essays or exams are required. For credit students, the work is what is naturally expected in Masters-level courses; AD students – who can enrol as “reading course” – would have appropriate extra work. All classes are taught in evening, for benefit of students with jobs.

Please visit: www.trinityorthodox.ca for further information.