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Hub for Graduating Students

Welcome to the hub for graduating students. Below you will find useful information for your last year of undergraduate studies. If you are a graduating student, please carefully review the requirements to complete your degree and graduation. 

Important Announcements

November 2020 Graduation Ceremony: This fall the University is hosting a virtual convocation ceremony to celebrate our graduates on Saturday,November 21 at 12:00 pm.  For further information please see the Office of Convocation website. 

Important Links for Graduating Students”

Awards & Financial Aid for Graduating Students
Trinity College Graduation Awards & Ceremony

All graduating Trinity students are automatically considered for graduation awards. There are also graduation awards that require students to submit an application – to view a list of these graduation awards, click here.

The Trinity College graduation awards are awarded in June and each recipient is invited to the Trinity College Graduation Awards Ceremony, which usually takes place the day before the June Convocation Ceremony. Students who graduate in November are considered for graduation awards the following June.

Convocation Ceremony at Convocation Hall

For information about the Trinity College Convocation (June and November), please visit the Office of Convocation website.

Convocation Reception at Trinity College

Following the June Convocation Ceremony at Convocation Hall, members of the graduating class and their families and friends are invited to return to the College for a lunch reception. You will receive an invitation from the Office of the Registrar.

Following the Convocation Ceremony: as you return to the College for the reception, Trinity’s professional photographer will also on the Trinity campus to take complimentary photographs of graduates and their families and friends. Please stop by for a free photo! Photographs will be posted on Trinity’s website.

Graduation Photographs and Composites

Discounted rates for graduation photos and seating times are traditionally organized by the elected 4th year heads of Trinity College.  For more information check the Trinity Student Government website online at  Class composites created by the studio associated with discounted rates have historically been provided at the June convocation reception, but are organized independently of the college.

Photographs at the Convocation Ceremony

Friends and family are welcome to photograph graduates during the convocation ceremony. The University of Toronto’s official convocation ceremony photographer is Lifetouch Canada. Following convocation, Lifetouch will email a customer number to graduates who attended their ceremony, unless you have indicated otherwise. Photos of the graduates will be available to view and order by visiting the Lifetouch website at For more information about convocation ceremony photography, click here.

Photographs at the Convocation Reception at Trinity College

The College’s professional photographer in normally stationed at the front of the College to take complimentary photographs of graduates and their families and friends as they return to Trinity for the reception. Please stop by for a free photo! Photos will be posted on the College’s website and Facebook page.


#UofTGrad18: Meet Trinity Grad Wendy Wang
Questions? Contact:

Office of the Dean of Students: or 416-978-3612
Office of the Registrar: or 416-978-2687