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Meals for Non-Resident Students

All Trinity students, whether they commute or live in residence, are eligible for the Strachan Hall Meal Package.  The Strachan Hall Meal Package is a discounted 20-meal package (10 meals in the fall term and 10 meals in the winter term) which can be used in Strachan Hall.  All students are charged for the meal package ($50 in each of the fall and winter terms – $100 total), unless they opt out on ACORN by the respective deadline for each term.  Commuter students can use these meal for themselves or guests, and residence students can use them to supplement their residence meal plan or for guests.

As long as a student does not opt out of the program, meals are automatically loaded onto the U of T student card (TCard), and they can be redeemed by having the TCard swiped at the entrance to the servery in Strachan Hall.

Commuter students may also be interested in purchasing Trinity Flex Dollars, which are loaded on your TCard and can be used at The Buttery and for internally-priced meals in Strachan Hall.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Office of the Dean of Students