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Student Food Advisory Committee

The Student Food Advisory Committee (SFAC) was formed by the Office of the Dean of Students in 2014-2015, in consultation with Student Heads and the Community Affairs Committee. While the College provides direct oversight to the Food Service Department, the SFAC provides broad feedback about food quality, sourcing, and variety.

The SFAC’s mandate includes gathering student feedback on Food Services, engaging with residence and commuter students, and providing information back to the student body about current initiatives. The SFAC’s engages in educating the Trinity community in regards to nutrition, health education, as well as ethically and locally sourced foods.

Trinity’s SFAC consists of a broad representation of the student body, administrative staff and our food service provider, Chartwells. The committee meets monthly to provide direct feedback to Trinity College administration and Chartwells to aid in quality control and accountability.

Meal plans are managed through the Office of the Dean of Students. Questions in regards to meal plans, purchasing additional meals, bagged lunches and general inquiries, as well as serious issues and concerns, should be sent to the Office of the Dean of Students.

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Staff Representatives

Jean Thompson, Director, Community Wellness

Bill McFadden, Director, Business Operations & Ancillary Services

Tina Yin, Student Food Ambassador

2023 – 2024 Student Representatives

Ahmed Khalf

Andrea Cheung

Anna Alcorn

Arlo Gryb-Reed

Bilge Guven

Divvy Gupta

Edouard Savalle

Gunjan Malik

Harpuneet Singh

Harry Dai

Jacob Colatosti

Jannat Islam

Juliette Salle

Lauren Alberstat

Liyuan Wei

Louis Zhang

Mac Godrey

Mesai James

Ndidi Arimah

Olivia Hofman

Priyanka Kizhakkepat

Quintina Liu

Ramneet Kolati

Richard Shuai

Stirling Wallace

Talia Weiss

If you have any questions, please contact:

Office of the Dean of Students