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Get Involved

Whether you get involved at Trinity College, at the University of Toronto or the wider community – the experiences and connections you’ll make will definitely enhance your university experience. There are endless opportunities for you to get involved. You can choose from a wide variety of extracurricular programs, clubs and teams. Depending on your interests:

  • Join any number of college clubs or organizations like the Trinity College Dramatic Society or the Literary Institute, which is the oldest student debating club in Canada;
  • Play a wide variety of sports, from rugby to quidditch, many at both the intra-mural and Varsity level;
  • Find a cause to volunteer their time with through Trinity’s network of student volunteer organizations;
  • Work on the Trinity student newspaper and journals; and/or
  • Participate in Trinity’s student government, which has many elected positions.

Along with extra-curricular activities, there are many co-curricular and curricular opportunities that allow you to learn outside the classroom. We are proud of the fact that the Trinity experience clearly plays a pivotal role in the growth of our students as learners, researchers and scholars. At Trinity, you can attend special lectures and meet our distinguished speakers, participate in community outreach programs such as Humanities for Humanity and join research and conference opportunities associated with your academic program, such as attending G7 summit conferences and Model UN assemblies. Getting involved in internships, research opportunities and experiential learning programs and international experience will help you prepare for your future. Trinity students have been involved in amazing research projects, most recently in the Arctic, Rwanda and Brazil.

Along with community involvement at Trinity, theology students can get involved with the Toronto School of Theology Graduate Students’ Association (TGSA) and other academic and professional development opportunities.

Make the most of your experience – get involved!

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“There is so much to do at Trinity. Without even leaving the college, there are so many groups and clubs to join. There are great opportunities for leadership inside of a historical and traditional environment. It just matched what I expected my college to be.”

– Annie Yao 1T9