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Dining Hall Policy


This Dining Hall Policy for 2021-2022 may be amended should government and public health directives change and new health and safety measures are required during the academic year. 


Dining Halls and Serveries 

There are two dining facilities at Trinity College  Strachan Hall and the ButteryAccess to Strachan Hall is limited to Trinity College residence students using their residence meal plan or Trinity Flex Dollars. The Buttery is open to the Trinity community. In the Buttery, patrons are able to use their residence meal plan, Trinity Flex Dollars, debit or credit. Please note that both dining facilities are cashless operations.  

COVID Prevention and Precautions 

While staff frequently clean high-touch surfaces, we encourage our community to continue to practice good hand-washing techniques and hygiene practices. Patrons are required to:  

  • Practice physical distancing (2 metres from other patrons) 
  • Stay home or in their residence room if they are ill 
  • Avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands 
  • Wear a face mask or covering while in all common spaces, including the dining halls and serveries (unless eating) 
  • Before entering the dining hall and the servery, wash their hands with soap and water for at least 15 seconds or clean their hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer 
  • Adhere to all community rules and guidelines 

Facility Entry 

The dining halls are considered common spaces in the College.  Students must adhere to public health guidelines, physical distancing recommendations and posted room capacities when entering and while inside all dining facilities. There will also be separate room capacity posted at the servery entrancePhysical distancing markers will be placed through-out all the dining facilities to guide patrons’ use of the spaces. Patrons may be required to cue in lines before entry into the servery or before paying for their meal. The entrance to Strachan Hall is through the south doors and the entrance to the Buttery is through the southwest doors of the Gerald Larkin building.  

Seating in the Dining Hall 

Due to public health guidelines, seating in the dining facilities will be limited. Additional indoor seating is available in the Junior Common Room (Trinity College) and additional outdoor seating (weather dependent) will also be available. Patrons must adhere to physical distancing requirements while utilizing dining facilities and other seating areas.  

In the indoor and outdoor seating areas, patrons are encouraged to clean their space before and after use, using the provided cleaning supplies. All furniture in these areas should remain in place and not be moved. Additional cleaning and disinfecting measures are in place in, adhering to public health guidelinesAs there is limited seating in the dining halls, patrons are asked to limit their time sitting at a table to 30 minutes.  

Dietary Accommodations 

Trinity Food Services is currently able to accommodate students with a variety of dietary accommodations such as vegetarian and vegan diets, halal diets and made without gluten diets. The dining facilities are not allergen free facilities or kosher facilities. For patrons with dietary accommodations, meal selection may be limited and/or may need to be pre-arranged. Individuals with life-threatening food allergies are expected to take the necessary precautions, including having an epi-pen on their person at all times within the dining hall.  Anyone with dietary accommodation requirements, including food allergies, are encouraged to contact the Office of the Dean of Students for more information (deanofstudents@trinity.utoronto.ca).  


All patrons are required to clear their table and deposit garbage, recycling, food waste and soiled dishes to the dish return station upon existing the dining facility. If student bring dishes, utensils or cups out of a dining facility, they will be required to return them back to the dining facility or residence waste management area.  


Appropriate attire, comprising of clothing and footwear and non-medical mask or face covering, must always be worn in the dining halls and serveries.  Actions which might jeopardize the safety of community members is not permitted. Roller blades and/or skates may not be worn in the dining halls or serveries; skateboards, longboards and bicycles are not permitted. 


Animals (except for service animals) are not permitted in the dining halls or the serveries 


Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the dining halls or serveries, unless for special licensed eventswhich have been approved by the Office of the Dean of Students.   

All Trinity College buildings (Trinity proper, St. Hilda’s College, Gerald Larkin, John W. Graham Library/Munk School) will remain closed to the public and visitors. Only members of the University community who require access to Trinity buildings (for instructional, residential and working purposes) should enter College buildings.  


Soliciting and canvassing in the dining hall and at the dining hall’s entrance, must be approved by the Office of the Dean of Students. 


Office of the Dean of Students, Fall 2021