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Dining Hall Policy


Identification and Entry

The dining hall is considered common space in the College. Students must present a valid TCard for swiping upon entry into the Servery. Your TCard and selected meal plan are for your personal use only and are not transferable to anyone else. TCards will be confiscated if presented by anyone other than the card owner. Misuse of TCards for entry into the Servery will be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students and may result in disciplinary proceedings or restriction of dining hall access.

Removal of Food or Property

Food and table ware (cutlery, dishes, glasses, cups etc.) may not be removed from the dining hall in any way (e.g., bags, Tupperware, etc.). Failure to observe this will be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students and may result in disciplinary proceedings or restriction of dining hall access. Extended dining hall hours and unlimited access is intended to increase accessibility to the meal plan and removal of food will contribute to increases in cost. Exceptions include pre-arranged bagged lunches and one piece of whole fruit.

Bagged Lunches

Bagged lunches are available to students whose school commitments come into conflict with the served lunch time (11:30 am to 1:30 pm). This service is only available Monday to Friday and you must register with the Office of the Dean of Students to receive this accommodation. The deadline to register is September 30th for the fall term and January 31st for the winter term. Bagged lunches are always prepared cold for food safety reasons.


All students and guests are required to clear their table and deposit dishes in the dish return depot prior to leaving the dining hall.


Appropriate attire, comprising of clothing and footwear, must be worn in the dining hall and servery. Actions which might jeopardize the safety of yourself or others are not permitted. Roller Blades and/or skates may not be worn in the dining hall; skateboards, longboards, and bicycles are not permitted.


Animals (except for service animals) are not permitted in Strachan Hall or the servery.

Dietary Accommodations

Strachan Hall is currently able to provide students with a variety of dietary accommodations such as vegetarian and vegan diets, halal diets, and made without gluten diets. Strachan Hall is not an allergen free facility or Kosher facility. For specialized diets, meal selection may be limited and/or may need to be pre-arranged. Individuals with life-threatening food allergies are expected to take the necessary precautions, including having an epi-pen on their person at all times within the dining hall. Anyone with dietary accommodation requirements, including food allergies, are encouraged to contact the Office of the Dean of Students for more information (deanofstudents@trinity.utoronto.ca).


Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the dining hall, unless for special licensed events, approved by the Office of the Dean of Students.

Guests & Children

Guests must accompany meal plan holders for admission to the dining hall.  Children are also considered to be guests and must be supervised at all times by the host.

High Table

The High Table and Oriole Window Table (North end of hall) are reserved for use by members of the Senior Common Room (fellows, faculty, and staff). Students are only permitted to sit at these tables when invited by a member of the Senior Common Room.


The main entrée will be portioned to one serving at a time. If a guest wants to come back up for more they are welcome to do so, but this policy is an effort to help reduce waste.


With the exception of regular announcements from student leadership, soliciting and canvassing in Strachan Hall, or at its entrance, must be approved by the Office of the Dean of Students.

Office of the Dean of Students, Fall 2019