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Faculty of Arts Bursary Policy


The Trinity College Bursary Program in Arts & Science is intended to assist students as a supplement to other forms of financial assistance. Bursaries are approved by the Provost on the recommendation of the Student Awards Committee, which will meet to consider applications at least once per academic session (fall‐winter and summer). This policy is intended to be applied in a manner equitable to all students.


  1. Trinity students must normally be full‐time, domestic, Arts and Science degree students studying on the St. George Campus in order to be considered for bursary assistance.
  2. Part‐time students may be considered if they can establish reasons for part‐time study.
  3. Non‐degree students may be considered in exceptional circumstances if they can establish good academic reasons for pursuing non‐degree studies.
  4. Students paying international fees may be considered in exceptional circumstances. International students must demonstrate that they have sufficient resources to meet their financial needs in order to qualify for a student visa. In cases where unforeseen circumstances change an international student’s financial situation, the College may forward a bursary application to the University of Toronto for consideration.
  5. Students registered in another division or college of the University of Toronto who are resident in one of Trinity’s residences may be considered for bursary assistance. Payment of the award will be dependent on the student remaining in residence at the College for the year.
  6. Students participating in University of Toronto exchange or study abroad programs may be considered for bursary assistance. However, the Student Awards Committee reserves the right to limit expenses to those that would be incurred if the student were studying in Toronto.

Application Procedures

  1. Students must complete a bursary application by the published deadline. No student will be considered except by application.
  2. Students will be assessed once per academic session (fall‐winter and/or summer). A student who applies and is assessed for a bursary may re-apply later in the session if there are significant changes to their financial situation.
  3. Students will be considered for bursary assistance in the summer session only after providing compelling academic or personal reasons for undertaking summer courses.
  4. In urgent situations outside of normal timelines and meetings, the Student Awards Committee may entertain a request for emergency bursary funding.

Application Assessment

  1. Students are expected to have realistic financial plans to cover their costs. All applicants are expected to have explored all reasonable sources of funding (e.g. government student loan assistance, part‐time employment, parental or spousal contributions, scholarships and other bursaries).
  2. Applicants are expected to apply for government student assistance. Students who apply for government student assistance, but do not qualify may still be considered for a College bursary. Only in exceptional circumstances will bursary assistance be provided to a student who has not applied for government student assistance.
  3. Applicants will only be assessed for a College Bursary after they have been assessed for any other needs‐based funding available through the University of Toronto (e.g. UTAPS)
  4. The Student Awards Committee may assume students should have access to minimum amounts of certain types of resources (e.g. part‐time employment earnings, savings, parental contribution) and may require an explanation if these minimums are not met.
  5. The Student Awards Committee will consider what it deems to be reasonable expenses and reserves the right to request documentation related to certain expenses.

Bursary Funding and Payment

  1. The total amount of bursary funding available is determined by the income generated annually by certain endowed funds, and by the amount of expendable gifts given for the purpose (including funds provided by the University of Toronto).
  2. Individual bursary amounts are based strictly on financial need. Applicants are expected to fully disclose details of their financial situation including all resources and all expenses.
  3. Individual awards may be limited by the amount of funding available, or by maximum amounts permitted by government assistance programs.
  4. Awards are credited to a student’s U of T financial account and applied first to any outstanding tuition or residence fees and to any College loans due. In certain exceptional circumstances, the Student Awards Committee may decide to award part, or all, of the bursary directly to the student, even if there are outstanding financial obligations with the University and/or College.
  5. Payment of the bursary is made on the condition that a student maintains the course load anticipated at the time of application.

The Student Awards Committee

The Student Awards Committee is a sub‐committee of Senate. The members of the Committee are: The Registrar, the Dean of Arts, the Bursar, the Dean of Students, and one Fellow who is a member of the Senate.

Approved by the Trinity College Senate, April 2013