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Community Spaces

Whether you need a space for group study, grabbing a quick meal or snack, or just need somewhere to hang out between classes, we want you to feel at home at Trinity College. Below is a list of community spaces for all our students – please be mindful of the purpose and use of these spaces for everyone’s enjoyment. At times, these spaces may be reserved for College events and other functions.

Trinity College: 6 Hoskin Avenue - includes Strachan Hall, JCR, DCR, Chapel, the Quad

Strachan Hall: Strachan Hall serves at Trinity’s main dining hall and is one of the College’s main student hubs. The servery is open all day and food can be purchased via a residence meal plan, cash or Trinity Flex dollars. During the academic year, Strachan Hall is also used for social events and College events, including Divinity Convocation. There is a Vertical C Lift, which provides accessible access from the main floor of Trinity College to Strachan Hall.

Junior Common Room (JCR): The JCR is located up the stairs to the left of Strachan Hall. An accessibility lift (stair platform lift) to the JCR is positioned beside the Vertical C Lift. The JCR is open for student use and hosts various student meetings and gatherings. If you want to book the JCR for an event, talk to the JCR Curator.

Divinity Common Room (DCR): The DCR is located on the main floor of Trinity, just down the hall from the Chapel. The DCR provides a common space for community members of the Faculty of Divinity. Students are welcome to use the room for study or group meetings, as well as to relax between classes. There is a mini fridge and a microwave available. To obtain a key for the Divinity Common Room, please see the Faculty of Divinity Office. At times, the DCR is separated into two separate spaces – the DCR-South and DCR-North. DCR-North may be booked for Faculty of Divinity or other events or meetings.

Divinity Heads’ Common Room: To reach the common room for the Divinity Co-Heads, exit the far back north door in Strachan Hall and then proceed down the hallway. The room is on your right. The common room is available for student meetings and gatherings for theology students.

Trinity College Chapel: located on the main floor of Trinity, when the Chapel is not in use, members of the community are welcome to enter for quiet reflection or to listen to the renowned Trinity Chapel Choir rehearse.

Residence Common Rooms: There are two residence common rooms located on the 2nd floor of Whitaker and Macklem Houses. These spaces are co-curated by the Dons in the area and the Student Heads. 

The Trinity Gym: The gym is located in the basement of Cosgrave House. To enter the Gym, you need to sign out a key from the Welcome Desk.

Back Field: Located north of the main Trinity building, the College’s playing field is U of T’s only one that’s internationally certified to host athletic throwing events.

The Quadrangle: The Quad is at the centre of college life and a beautiful location for socializing and handing out. At times, student events are held in this space, including the Trinity College Dramatic Society’s Shakespeare in the Quad performance.

Gerald Larkin Building: 15 Devonshire Place - includes The Buttery, Student Government Office

The Buttery: Located on the main floor of the Gerald Larkin Building, The Buttery has a lounge area, comfortable eating area and a cafeteria (servery). The Buttery is a popular place to gather for meals, to study and to socialize. The building is wheelchair accessible. A water fountain (with bottle refill station) and microwave are available in The Buttery.

Student Government Office for Student Heads: At the west end of The Buttery, you will find the office for the Student Heads (Co-Heads of College and Co-Heads of Arts).

St. Hilda’s College: 44 Devonshire Place - includes Wellness Space (Abbott Room), Adams Room, Stedman Library, Melinda Seaman Hall, NRAC/Commuter Common Room

Abbott Room (Wellness Space): Located in the front hall of St. Hilda’s College, the Abbott Room is a student-focused wellness space. Students are encouraged to pop-by, check out the book and games libraries, and utilize the space. Students are also able to book the Abbott Room for Trinity clubs or groups by contacting the Wellness and Student Life Programming Assistants at wellnessassistant@trinity.utoronto.ca.

Adams Room: Once the St. Hilda’s College Chapel, this room is located across from Stedman Library. It’s a really nice place to study quietly with friends, and many different boards/clubs use it as a meeting space.

Stedman Library: At the end of the north hall of St. Hilda’s College is the library. The Stedman Library is a charming study space with leather couches and books where it’s easy to be warm and cozy. It’s known as a silent study space.

Melinda Seaman Hall: Just down the hall from the Abbott Room, Melinda Seaman is available throughout the day as an informal study and meeting space.

Student Government Office for Non-Resident Affairs Community (NRAC) and Commuter Common Room: Through a door in the back of Melinda Seamen, you can find the office for the Co-Heads of NRAC. The space serves as the commuter common room (although all students, resident and non-resident, are welcome), and is open for meetings, studying and socializing


If you are interested in booking one of these rooms for exclusive use, please click here.