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Sexual Violence Resources

Trinity College is committed to providing a safe, welcoming and healthy campus community.

The University or Toronto’s policy on sexual violence and sexual harassment (read the policy: PDF) establishes a central and coordinated approach for responding to incidents of sexual violence and providing support to those affected by sexual violence.  This policy came into effect in January 2017 and it covers all students, including those at Trinity College. The Student’s Companion to the Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy is a set of frequently asked questions and the responses about the Policy. It aims to simplify and clarify Policy usage for the University’s community members.

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Centre was created to prevent and respond to sexual violence across all three campuses. The Centre manages the process for reporting sexual violence and sexual harassment and will offer support for those who disclose an incident, whether or not they choose to report it. Staffed by trained professionals, the Centre also provides training and education and will be the first point of contact for those who want accommodations.


Help at Trinity College

Help at the University of Toronto

Help in the community

  • Support is available at Women’s College Hospital SAAC (416-323-6040), Scarborough Grace Sexual Assault Care Centre (416-495-2400), and Trillium Hospital Sexual Assault Care Centre (905-848-7100)
  • List of other community resources and services



Sexual Violence Education and Prevention Training

In January 2018, the University of Toronto released its online Sexual Violence Education and Prevention Training program for all members of the University. The online module is designed to help members recognize sexual violence and harassment, understand the difference between disclosing and reporting, learn more about the role of the tri-campus Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre, and respond supportively to a disclosure of sexual violence.

Trinity College Support for Students Affected by Sexual Violence Fund

Trinity College in partnership with the student group Trinity College Against Sexual Violence and Harassment (TASAH) recently created a $30,000 fund to help Trinity College students who have been affected by sexual violence access counselling. Instructions for accessing the funding as well as available services and supports are outlined below.

Fund details
Students who have been affected by sexual violence are able to access funding to obtain counselling services from a mental health professional of their choosing. This fund is meant to increase the availability and access to funding for students within the Trinity Community.

Process for accessing funds.

  1. A student will connect with a Student Services staff member in the Office of the Dean of Students or the Office of the Registrar, Academic Don, Community Advisor, Student Head, TASAH Executive or member of U of T’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Centre, and indicate they would like to access this fund.
  2. The student will be connected with a staff member in the Student Services centre. The staff member will be the student’s contact for counselling reimbursement, and can also assist in connecting the student with appropriate counselling resources.
  3. The student will initiate counselling with a professional of their choosing. After each session the student will be required to bring a receipt of payment to their staff contact to initiate reimbursement through the fund. Students that are unable to pay for counselling up-front are encouraged to make a request to their staff contact as alternative methods of reimbursement can be organized on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Reimbursement cheques will be provided to the student in approximately 1-2 weeks after the submission of their receipt.

Eligibility requirements
To access funding, the student must be:

  • A registered Trinity College student.
  • Unable to access insurance coverage and/or not have insurance coverage.

If the student is currently not registered at Trinity College or cancels their registration while undergoing counselling, a request for an exception to the registration requirement can be made to their staff contact.

Average reimbursement
The maximum reimbursement cost is $225/hr for a maximum of 10 sessions. The cost and the number of sessions can be discussed with the student’s staff contact, depending on need.

Available Resources
There are a variety of different professionals, student-staff and students that are available to provide students with assistance, support and help with obtaining a counsellor. Please see the above If You Need Help Section for information about available resources.


For more information regarding the University’s services and supports for mental health, personal safety, and sexual violence & sexual harassment, please visit the U of T Safety & Support website at safety.utoronto.ca.

Questions or comments should be directed to:

Office of the Dean of Students