Our Climate Emergency and COVID-19: Crises of the Spirit via Zoom at 7 pm EST

Our Climate Emergency and COVID-19: Crises of the Spirit – Zoom Event
Al Gore, famed environmentalist and former U.S. Vice President, noted in his 1992 book, Earth in the Balance, that the environmental crisis is at root a “spiritual” crisis. He acknowledged the dangers of talking about spirituality in relationship to environmental policy, but asked what other word speaks to our interconnection with nature, society, our cultural destiny, and our larger cosmological context?
This webinar will examine our climate change emergency amidst our current global pandemic. It will explore these twin crises not only as a challenge to policy, economic direction and political choices, but also as a perturbing demand to probe the ontological and spiritual underpinnings of our unsustainable “business as usual” approach. It will also speculate on the spiritual resources needed to respond with creativity, courage, alacrity, and resilience.

In this webinar environmental studies professor and newly appointed Director of the Trinity Sustainability Initiative, Stephen Bede Scharper, will be in dialogue with Associate Director, Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program, Joy Fitzgibbon, and Trinity Alumna Sarah Levy.

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