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  • View of Trinity's construction site: May 29, 2023
    Construction Site: May 29, 2023

The solar-powered camera looks westward from Philosopher’s Walk to capture photos of the entire construction site: Trinity College proper is on the left (south); the Gerald Larkin Building is on the far left (along Devonshire Place); the construction zone is in the centre (north field and former parking lot); and the U of T Varsity Centre is on the right (north). You can view project updates and construction notices here.


Construction Photo Log

In the photo carousels below, click on the arrows or thumbnails to scroll through the images.

April to June 2023: Site servicing and duct bank routing continues. The Varsity Centre laneway for vehicles re-opens. Site preparations are underway for the two cranes that will be built on the construction site in May. Bulk excavation and foundation work is also expected to begin in May. January to March 2023: Preliminary excavation and geothermal work continues. In total, 57 geothermal boreholes are being drilled, which equals 11 km worth of geothermal-exchange capacity. Work on site servicing and duct bank routing begins.
  • Construction site: Trinity backfield, April 5, 2023
    Construction site: April 5, 2023
  • Construction site: Trinity backfield, January 10, 2023
    Construction site: January 10, 2023
October to December 2022: Trinity’s parking closes permanently; construction mobilization begins; and site preparations for geothermal drilling, and drilling of wells begins on the south-west end of the site.
  • Construction site: Trinity backfield, October 6, 2022
    Trinity backfield: October 6, 2022