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New Acquisitions January & February 2022

A General works

B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

Life of Giovanni Pico della Mirandola / Gianfrancesco Pico della Mirandola. Oration / Giovanni Pico della Mirandola ; edited and translated by Brian P. Copenhaver in consultation with Michael J. B. Allen. B785.P54 P52613 2022 2022. STACKS Harvard University Press
The two greatest ideas : how our grasp of the universe and our minds changed everything / Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski. BD418.3 .Z34 2021 [2021] STACKS Princeton University Press
Atomic habits : tiny changes, remarkable results : an easy & proven way to build good habits & break bad ones / James Clear. BF335 .C44 2018 [2018] STACKS Avery an imprint of Penguin Random House
On consolation : finding solace in dark times / Michael Ignatieff. BF637 .C54 I36 2021 2021. STACKS Henry Holt and Company; Metropolitan Books
The authoritarian personality / by T.W. Adorno, Else Frenkel-Brunswik, Daniel J. Levinson, R. Nevitt Sanford ; in collaboration with Betty Aron, Maria Hertz Levinson and William Morrow ; with a new introduction by Peter E. Gordon. BF698.35 .A87 A36 2019 2019. STACKS Verso
The power of fun : how to feel alive again / Catherine Price. BF717 .P729 2021 [2021] STACKS The Dial Press
Mindset : the new psychology of success / Carol S. Dweck, Ph. D. BF773 .D85 2016 [2016] STACKS Random House
The ark before Noah : decoding the story of the flood / Irving Finkel. BL1625 .D4 F56 2014 2014. STACKS Nan A Talese/Doubleday
The shared witness of C. S. Lewis and Austin Farrer : friendship, influence, and an Anglican worldview / Philip Irving Mitchell. BR100 .M583 2021 [2021] STACKS The Kent State University Press
A church for the world : the church’s role in fostering democracy and sustainable development / edited by Samuel Yonas Deressa and Josh de Keijzer ; foreword by Gary M. Simpson. BR115.W6 C5645 2020 [2020] STACKS Lexington Books/Fortress Academic Lexington Books is an imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group Inc
The kingdom of God in Africa : a history of African Christianity / Mark Shaw and Wanjiru M. Gitau. BR1360 .S53 2020 [2020] STACKS Langham Global Library
The prosperity gospel in Africa : an African Pentecostal hermeneutical consideration / Marius Nel. BR1643.5 .N45 2020 [2020] STACKS Wipf & Stock
Global reformations sourcebook : convergence, conversion, and conflict in early modern religious encounters / edited by Nicholas Terpstra. BR301 .G545 2021 2021. STACKS Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
Kierkegaard and Luther / David Lawrence Coe. BR332.S75 C64 2020 [2020] STACKS Lexington Books/Fortress Academic
The medieval Luther / edited by Christine Helmer. BR333.3 .M435 2020 [2020] STACKS Mohr Siebeck
Music in Martin Luther’s theology / Yakub E. Kartawidjaja. BR333.5.M86 K378 2021 [2021] STACKS Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
Writing theology well : a rhetoric for theological and biblical writers / Lucretia B. Yaghjian. BR44 .Y34 2015 2015. REFERENCE Bloomsbury T&T Clark an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
White evangelical racism : the politics of morality in America / Anthea Butler. BR563.W45 B88 2021 [2021] STACKS The University of North Carolina Press
The ark, the covenant, and the poor men’s chest : Edmund Bonner and Nicholas Ridley on church and scripture in mid-Tudor England / Mark A. Newcomb. BR756 .N484 2020 [2020] STACKS St Augustines Press
An introduction to the Old Testament, : the canon and Christian imagination / Walter Brueggemann and Tod Linafelt. BS1140.3 .B78 2020 2020. STACKS Westminster John Knox Press
Judges 1 : a commentary on Judges 1:1-10:5 / by Mark S. Smith and Elizabeth Bloch-Smith ; edited by Sidnie White Crawford. BS1305.53 .S62 2021 [2021] STACKS Fortress Press
Redefining Job and the conundrum of suffering / Victoria Adams ; foreword by David Von Schlichten. BS1415.52 .A33 2020 [2020] STACKS Wipf & Stock
David, messianism, and eschatology : ambiguity in the reception history of the Book of Psalms in Judaism and Christianity / edited by Erkki Koskenniemi and David Willgren Davage. BS1430.52 .D38 2020 2020. STACKS Eisenbrauns Penn State University Press; Network for the Study of the Reception History of the Bible Åbo Akademi University
A voice without end : the role of David in Psalms 3-14 / Andrew C. Witt. BS1430.52 .W583 2021 [2021] STACKS Eisenbrauns
Old Testament wisdom : an introduction / James L. Crenshaw. BS1455 .C65 2010 SMC c2010. STACKS Westminster John Knox Press
Proverbs : a shorter commentary / Bruce K. Waltke and Ivan D.V. De Silva. BS1465.53 .W353 2021 [2021] STACKS William B Eerdmans Publishing Company
Homilies on Isaiah / Origen ; translated by Elizabeth Ann Dively Lauro. BS1515.54 .O7513 2021 [2021] STACKS The Catholic University of America Press
The book of Jeremiah / John Goldingay. BS1525.53 .G65 2021 [2021] STACKS William B Eerdmans Publishing Company
Hosea : God’s reconciliation with his estranged household / Jerry Hwang ; Daniel I. Block, general editor. BS1565.53 .H83 2021 [2021] STACKS Zondervan Academic
Armenian apocrypha from Adam to Daniel / by Michael E. Stone. BS1693 . A7 S76 2021 [2021]. STACKS SBL Press
The humanity of Jesus in Matthew / Matt Jones. BS2575.52 .J66 2021 [2021 STACKS Pickwick Publications
What John knew and what John wrote : a study in John and the Synoptics / Wendy E. S. North. BS2615.52 .N67 2020 [2020] STACKS Lexington Books/Fortress Academic
God (in) Acts : the characterization of God in the Acts of the Apostles / Christine H. Aarflot. BS2625.52 .A27 2020 [2020] STACKS Pickwick Publications
Messiah and Scripture : Paul’s “in Christ” idiom in its ancient Jewish context / J. Thomas Hewitt. BS2651 .H49 2020 [2020] STACKS Mohr Siebeck
Pauline Theology and the Problem of Death / Joseph Longarino. BS2655.D34 L66 2021 [2021]. STACKS Mohr Siebeck
Power in weakness : Paul’s transformed vision for ministry / Timothy G. Gombis. BS2655.P3 G668 2021 [2021] STACKS William B Eerdmans Publishing Company
Paul, politics, and new creation : reconsidering Paul and empire / Najeeb T. Haddad. BS2655.P64 H34 2021 [2021] STACKS Lexington Books/Fortress Academic
Divine conflict and the divine warrior : listening to Romans and other Jewish voices / Scott C. Ryan. BS2665.52 .R93 2020 [2020] STACKS Mohr Siebeck
Romans : the Gospel of God / Gerald L. Stevens. BS2665.52 .S748 2021 2021 STACKS Pickwick Publications
Romans : an introduction and commentary / David E. Garland. BS2665.53 .G374 2021 [2021] STACKS IVP Academic
First and Second Thessalonians / Timothy A. Brookins. BS2725.53 .B76 2021 [2021] STACKS Baker Academic a division of Baker Publishing Group
Hebrews : an Earth Bible commentary : a city that cannot be shaken / Jeffrey S. Lamp. BS2775.52 .L25 2020 2020. STACKS T&T Clark
James : a theological exposition of sacred scripture / Curtis P. Giese. BS2785.53 .G53 2021 [2021] STACKS Concordia Publishing House
Revelation / Amos Yong. BS2825.53 .Y6 2021 [2021] STACKS Westminster John Knox Press
Review of biblical literature. BS410 .R29 1999 REFERENCE Scholars Press
Encyclopedia of the Bible and its reception / ed. by Hans-Josef Klauck … [et al.]. BS440 .E539 2009-<2017> REFERENCE Walter de Gruyter
The Oxford handbook of the Bible in China / edited by K. K. Yeo. BS447.5.C6 O94 2021 [2021] STACKS Oxford University Press
A habit called faith : 40 days in the Bible to find and follow Jesus / Jen Pollock Michel. BS491.5 .M53 2021 [2021] STACKS Baker Books a division of Baker Publishing Group
Reconstructing characters in the Gospels / Cornelis Bennema. BS600 .G76 B46 2021 [2021] STACKS Grove Books Limited
The servant songs of Isaiah 40-55 : interpreting Old Testament prophecy / Philip Jenson. BS600 .G76 J4 2020 [2020] STACKS Grove Books Limited
Christlike conflict resolution in Philippians / Kenneth M. Keyte. BS600 .G76 K49 2020 [2020] STACKS Grove Books Limited
A theology of the Bible / Andrew Ollerton. BS600 .G76 O6 2021 [2021] STACKS Grove Books Limited
Reading Jeremiah : a beginner’s guide / Julie Woods. BS600 .G76 W6 2020 [2020] STACKS Grove Books Limited
Science and the doctrine of creation : the approaches of ten modern theologians / edited by Geoffrey H. Fulkerson and Joel Thomas Chopp ; afterword by Alister E. McGrath. BS651 .S39 2021 [2021] STACKS IVP Academic an imprint of InterVarsity Press
Contemplating God with the great tradition : recovering trinitarian classical theism / Craig A. Carter ; foreword by Carl R. Trueman. BT109 .C37 2021 [2021] STACKS Baker Academic a division of Baker Publishing Group
T & T Clark reader in John Webster / edited by Michael Allen. BT15 .W4233 2020 2020. STACKS T & T Clark
When suffering persists / by Frederick W. Schmict. BT160 .S35 2001 ©2001. STORAGE Morehouse Pub
What did the cross accomplish? : a conversation about the atonement / N.T. Wright, Simon Gathercole, and Robert B. Stewart. BT453 .W76 2021 [2021] STACKS Westminster John Knox Press
Hope in times of fear : the Resurrection and the meaning of Easter / Timothy Keller. BT482 .K445 2021 [2021] STACKS Viking an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC
Jesus against the scribal elite : the origins of the conflict / Chris Keith. BT590.T5 K457 2020 2020. STACKS T&T Clark Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Prey tell : why we silence women who tell the truth and how everyone can speak up / Tiffany Bluhm. BT738.15 B59 2021 [2021]. STACKS Brazos Press a division of Baker Publishing Group
The soul sleepers : Christian mortalism from Wycliffe to Priestley / Bryan W. Ball. BT741.3 .B35 2008 2008. STACKS James Clarke & Co
A nonviolent theology of love : peacefully confessing the Apostles’ Creed / Sharon L. Baker Putt. BT993.3 .B34 2021 [2021] STACKS Fortress Press
Bishop Thomas Rattray and his ancient liturgy of the Church of Jerusalem / W. Douglas Kornahrens. BV185 .K67 2021 [2021] STACKS Hymns Ancient and Modern
We aren’t broke : uncovering hidden resources for mission and ministry / Mark Elsdon. BV2063 .E455 2021 2021. STACKS William B Eerdmans Publishing Company
Sounding the seasons : seventy sonnets for the church year / Malcolm Guite. BV30 .G85 2012 ©2012. STACKS Canterbury
Intercultural church : shared learning from new communities / Ben Aldous, Idina Dunmore, Mohan Seevaratnam. BV3760 .G76 A42 2020 [2020] STACKS Grove Books Limited
Seeing ourselves as others see us : perceptions of the Church of England / Stephen Hance. BV3760 .G76 H3 2021 [2021] STACKS Grove Books Limited
Mission in a time of trauma : how your church can minister to its community through crisis / Rhona Knight. BV3760 .G76 K6 2021 [2021] STACKS Grove Books Limited
Hybrid church : blending online and offline community / Peter Phillips. BV3760 .G76 P5 2020 [2020] STACKS Grove Books Limited
Climate action as mission : how to link the gospel with safeguarding creation / Grace Thomas, Mark Coleman. BV3760 .G76 T5 2021 [2021] STACKS Grove Books Limited
The Edward Wimberly reader : a black pastoral theology / Mary Clark Moschella, Lee Butler, Jr. editors. BV4011.3 .E37 2020 2020. STACKS Baylor University Press
Whole-life mission for the whole church : overcoming the sacred-secular divide through theological education / edited by Mark Greene and Ian J. Shaw ; foreword by Christopher J.H. Wright. BV4020 .W46 2021 2021. STACKS Langham Global Library
To aliens and exiles : preaching the New Testament as minority-group rhetoric in a post-christendom world / Tim MacBride. BV4211.3 .M33 2020 [2020] STACKS Cascade Books
Preachers dare : speaking for God / Will Willimon. BV4211.3 .W55 2020 [2020] STACKS Abingdon Press
Emerging gender identities : understanding the diverse experiences of today’s youth / Mark Yarhouse and Julia Sadusky. BV4437.6 .Y37 2020 2020. STACKS Brazos Press a division of Baker Publishing Group
The soul’s discipleship : meditations on the ‘Anima Christi’ / Father Andrew. BV4501 .A5 1936 1936. STORAGE Morehouse-Gorham; Mowbray
Strange land : meditations on the psalms in a time of pandemic / edited by Caris Kim. BV4501.3 .W9 2021 2021. STACKS Wipf & Stock
John Wyclif : new perspectives on an old controversy / by Sean A. Otto. BV4501.3 .W9 J65 2021 [2021]. STACKS Wipf and Stock
Family of origin, family of choice : stories of queer Christians / Katie Hays and Susan A. Chiasson. BV4596.G38 H39 2021 2021. STACKS William B Eerdmans Publishing Company
Anointing in worship : a reflection on developing practice / Charles Read, Phillip Tovey. BV5003 .G7 R42 2020 [2020] STACKS Grove Books Limited
Reawakened : activate your congregation to spark lasting change / Glen Alexander Guyton. BV600.3 .G89 2021 [2021] STACKS Herald Press
An introduction to ecclesiology : historical, global, and interreligious perspectives / Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen. BV600.3 .K37 2021 [2021] STACKS IVP Academic an imprint of InterVarsity Press
Mission and context / edited by Jione Havea. BV601.8 .M57 2020 [2020] STACKS Lexington Books/Fortress Academic
Building a healthy multi-ethnic church : mandate, commitments, and practices of a diverse congregation / Mark DeYmaz ; foreword by George Yancey ; afterword by Mark L. Pryor. BV639.M56 D49 2020 [2020] STACKS Fortress Press
Generosity, stewardship, and abundance : a transformational guide to church finance / Lovett H. Weems Jr. and Ann A. Michel. BV770 .W44 2021 [2021] STACKS Rowman & Littlefield
Introduction to Eastern Christian liturgies / Stefanos Alexopoulos and Maxwell E. Johnson. BX107 .A44 2022 [2022] STACKS Liturgical Press Academic
The liturgy of the hours in East and West : the origins of the divine office and its meaning for today / Robert Taft. BX2000 .T34 1993 1993. STACKS Liturgical Press
Anarchy and the kingdom of God : from eschatology to Orthodox political theology and back / Davor Džalto. BX342.9 .D93 2021 2021. STACKS Fordham University Press
The accidental immigrant : a quest for spirit in a skeptical age / Kyriacos C. Markides. BX395.M344 A3 2021 [2021] STACKS Hamilton Books an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield
T.F. Torrance as missional theologian : the ascended Christ and the ministry of the church / Joseph H. Sherrard ; foreword by Alan Torrance. BX4827.T67 S54 2021 [2021] STACKS IVP Academic an imprint of InterVarsity Press
Before and after Wyclif : sources and textual influences / edited by L. Campi and S. Simonetta. BX4905 .B44 2020 2020. STACKS Fédération Internationale des Instituts d’Études Médiévales
Exploring worship in pilgrimage / Helen Bent. BX5003 .G7 B4 2020 [2020] STACKS Grove Books Limited
How to present words for worship in print and on screen / Mark Earey. BX5003 .G7 E27 2021 [2021] STACKS Grove Books Limited
Love songs to Jesus : affective language in contemporary worship / Graham Hunter, Vicar, St John’s Hoxton. BX5003 .G7 H86 2020 [2020] STACKS Grove Books Limited
Learning from lockdown : how churches have dealt with COVID-19 / members of the Group for the Renewal of Worship. BX5003 .G7 L32 2021 [2021] STACKS Grove Books Limited
Talking about end-of-life wishes : not if, but when / Susan Walker, United Reformed Church area minister. BX5003 .G75 .W34 2020 [2020] STACKS Grove Books Limited
People not pronouns : reflections on transgender experience / Andrew Bunt. BX5003 .G75 B7 2021 [2021] STACKS Grove Books Limited
The good news of judgment : a short pastoral theology / Chris MacBruithin. BX5003 .G75 M3 2021 [2021] STACKS Grove Books Limited
Embraced and included : a disability-sensitive perspective on Christian healing / Frances Mackenney-Jeffs. BX5003 .G75 M5 2020 2020. STACKS Grove Books Limited
Leaving church : what can we learn from those who are done with church? / Robin Stockitt, S. John Dawson. BX5003 .G75 S7 2020 [2020] STACKS Grove Books Limited
‘For just such a time as this’ : learning from Esther for ministry in difficult times / Simon J. Taylor. BX5003 .G75 T39 2021 [2021] STACKS Grove Books Limited
The Lambeth Conference 1968 : resolutions and reports. BX5021 .L6 1968 1968. STORAGE SPCK
Who’s who at Lambeth ’68. BX5021 .L6 1968c 1968. STORAGE Church Information Office; Church Missions Publishing Company
Crockford’s clerical directory. BX5031 .C8 1858- REFERENCE Oxford University Press
Desmond Tutu : a spiritual biography of South Africa’s confessor / Michael Battle. BX5700.6.Z8 T87195 2021 2021. STACKS Westminster John Knox Press
The Rangiatea story / by Rev. Canon Hohepa Taepa. BX5717.O8 R3t [1966] STORAGE Printed by Kerslake Billens & Humphrey
[Forward Movement : pamphlet collection] BX5800 .B67 PAM 1958 -1971 STORAGE Forward Movement Publications
[Forward Movement miniature books : miscellaneous collection] BX5800 .F67 1958 -1971 STORAGE Forward Movement Publications
The end of life : making sense of our finitude / edited by Margareta Gruber, Linda Hogan, Stefanie Knauss. BX880 .C612 2021/5 2021. STACKS SCM Press

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