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CD-ROMs in Theological Studies

The following list provides a brief guide to stand-alone CD-ROM resources in the theological disciplines (broadly defined) available at the Graham Library. Links to the catalogue record for each item are provided. Request the disk at the Circulation Counter, and sign it out. There is a portable drive available to read the CD-ROMs at the local stations. These resources are for in-library use only.

Alban Institute Personnel Handbook for Congregations

Accompanies the book of the same title by Erwin Berry (Alban Institute, 1999) BV652.9.B47 TRIN.

Alban Institute New Harmonies: Choosing Contemporary Music for Worship

Accompanies the book of the same title by Terri Bocklund McLean (Alban Institute, 1998). ML3001.M34 TRIN

The Anchor Bible Dictionary

This state-of-the-art dictionary offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of biblical subjects and scholarship. Contains everything from the complete and unabridged six volume, 7,200 page print edition, with illustrations. Has more than 6,000 entries from 800 leading international scholars. Includes the Logos Library System viewer. Available in hard copy at the Graham Library.

The Book of Kells

Full-text version of the vellum manuscript of the four gospels in Latin dating to c.800 AD, from the original in Trinity College Library, Dublin. Noted for the sumptuousness of its decoration and full-page illuminations. It has audio commentary and zoom features.

Carta’s Comprehensive Bible Atlas

Contains information on the physical and political background to biblical events. Fourteen chapters cover the geography and history of every important event in the history of bible lands. Includes 122 full colour maps, as well as terrain models of the region from Mount Carmel to the River Jordan, Lebanon to the Dead Sea, Sinai and Mesopotamia. Video clips of the Holy Land with guide to the important sites. Follows the NIV translation.

Encountering the Old Testament

Accompanies the book Encountering the Old Testament: a Christian survey by Bill T. Arnold and Bryan E. Beyer, Grand Rapids, 1999.

(Routledge) Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Over 2,000 articles covering a broad range of topics in philosophy, from all continents and all periods; available online at the provided link.

Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions

Accompanies the book of the same edited by A. Scott Moreau (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2004), and the CD-ROM contains the entire text of the book. Provides a broad overview of the biblical, theological, and historical foundations for missions. It considers personal and practical issues involved in becoming a missionary, the process of getting to the mission field, and contemporary challenges a mission worker must face. Based on current research and includes numerous case studies that consider important issues. Sidebars, charts, and maps provide further details on topics of interest. This is a comprehensive resource that includes more than fourteen hundred articles on the theory, practice, theology, and history of world missions.

Evolution of the English Bible: From Papyri to King James

Traces the evolution of the biblical text from its origins to the King James Bible, providing a history of the text of the English Bible.

Expository Dictionary of Bible Words

Accompanies the book of the same title (Hendrickson, 2005) by Stephen D. Renn, BS440 .E97 TRIF. Gives an analysis and discussion of both Old Testament Hebrew and Aramaic and New Testament Greek terms. The entries are arranged alphabetically by the English word, with sections on Old Testament then New Testament occurrences and uses of various terms so translated. Additional notes explain how the theme, concept, or doctrine shaped by the Hebrew terminology is fulfilled in the Greek vocabulary of the New Testament. The Hebrew and Greek words are indexed. There is some cross-referencing. The words are coded to the Revised Strong’s Numbering System. The disk contains a searchable PDF version of the dictionary, plus bible study software.

Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament

The full text of four volumes of Hebrew & Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament, the English version of the third edition of Koehler and Baumgartner’s Hebrew dictionary. The most up-to-date dictionary for the Old Testament and related literature in Hebrew and Aramaic. Supported by the Logos Library System.

Her Story

To accompany the book of the same title by Barbara J. MacHaffie, which collects 74 sources about women from the Bible, Mishnah, early church, through medieval, Reformation, and modern periods, to contemporary sources (Protestant, Catholic, post-Christian). The selections are briefly introduced. As a resource it provides an introduction to the historical and contemporary treatment of women, by male as well as female writers, who express both feminist and patriarchal views in the Christian tradition. The scope is broad but American sources are especially prominent.

A History of Preaching

Accompanies the book of the same title by O.C. Edwards (Abingdon Press, 2004). It brings together narrative history and primary sources to provide a comprehensive guide to the church’s ministry of proclamation. Edwards Jr. is a former professor of homiletics at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary.

Leadership in the 21st Century

Presents the results of the projects by 13 different theological schools in the areas of calling to leadership,character in leadership,  and competency in leadership. Plus discussions from three round tables that were organized to consider five projects each year. From the Center for the Development of Evangelical Leadership at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Learn Biblical Hebrew

Accompanies the book of the same title by John H. Dobson (Carlisle: Piquant Editions; Grand Rapids: Baker Acadenic, 2005), with readings by the author.

Learn New Testament Greek

Accompanies the book of the same title by John H. Dobson, (Carlisle: Piquant Editions; Grand Rapids,:Baker Academic, 2005) 3rd edition with accents.

Lindisfarne Gospels

Digitised version illustrating the major decorated pages from the Lindisfarne Gospels, a copy of the Four Gospels in Latin, from the original in the British Library. Accompanied with commentary text, zoom feature, and turn-page ability.

Lindisfarne Gospels: Society, Spirituality and the Scribe

Accompanies the volume of the same title by Michelle Brown (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2003). The CD is in fact Appendix 2 to the book and contains a key to manuscript sigla in the final column of the text table, a table showing the textual arrangement of the Lindisfarne Gospels, with selective collation.

Living and Working in Seventeenth-Century England

An encyclopedia of drawings and descriptions from Randle Holme’s original manuscripts (in the British Library) for The Academy of Armory (1688). Very useful resource for documenting everyday life and work in the period. Includes 2,500 high-resolution images of the original drawings matched with Holme’s text to emphasise the social history context; an analytical table of subjects; a pictorial thumbnail index; and searchable text indexes.

Luther’s Works

Has the entire 55-volume set of Luther’s Works (American edition), published jointly by Fortress/Concordia since 1957. As well as the entire edition of Luther’s works, there are hyperlinks to scriptural references (KJV) and the Book of Concord (Tappert edition). The interface is compatible with the Logos Library System (LLS). Other features include topic, word, and verse indices; note-taking feature; compatibility with word processor; bookmarking feature; and electronic user’s guide.

Murthly Hours

A book of hours dating to the late 13th century from the original in the National Library of Scotland. Valuable for the study of medieval art, manuscripts, private devotion and literacy, history of 13th century England and later medieval Scotland.

New Proclamation

Accompanies the book, New proclamation. Year C, 2006-2007: Advent through Holy Week by William R. Herzog, (Fortress Press, 2006). [BV30.N48 TRIN]. Keyed to The Revised Common Lectionary; Book of Common Prayer; and Roman Catholic Lectionary , offers interpretation of the biblical lectionary texts. The CD includes “How to use Image in Preaching” from Envisioning the Word buy Richard A. Jensen.

The Old Testament Story

Accompanies the book of the same title by Don C. Benjamin (Minneapolis: Fortress, 2004). As well as treating of the books of the Old Testament in sequence, there are chapters on learning the bible and living the bible. Illustrated with maps, pictures, and figures.

Old World Hebrew Learning System

Integrates instructional content of first year college and seminary Hebrew with online study reference materials including Logos Library System in Hebrew, Greek and English, and a complete Hebrew/English vocabulary system, lexicon, and concordances. Covers traditional language and grammar supplemented by reference to Scripture, art, geography, dictionaries, concordances, and commentaries.

One, Catholic and Apostolic

This is an appendix resource to Paul V. Marshall, One, catholic, and apostolic: Samuel Seabury and the early Episcopal Church (New York: Church Pub.,2004).

Palestine in the Time of Jesus

Supplements K.C. Hanson, Palestine in the time of Jesus : social structures and social conflicts (Fortress Press, [2002])with weblinks and additional original materials prepared by K.C. Hanson with additional photos by Douglas E. Oakman. Includes the complete text, with full text of ancient documents, full text articles, charts, chronologies, photographs, bibliographies, and links to further resources on the web.


Comprehensive collection of primary sources and supporting reference materials on ancient Greece. It contains over 380 texts in Greek and in translation, representing all of the major authors of the classical period and others, extensive morphological tools, with art and archaeology resources. Navigational tools and hypertextual links make searching this enormous resource quick, intuitive, and effective. This program supports teaching and study in literature, art, history, and language and is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the ancient world. Contains the complete textual database, encyclopedia, lexicon, and atlas, plus the complete visual database of 25,000 full-screen images.

Pulpit Talk

Produced quarterly by the Center for Preaching, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Library holdings date from vol1:1 (2002) onwards. Each issue has a distinctive title. Topics include narrative preaching, Old Testament, expository reading of Scripture, evangelistic preaching, worship and preaching, and homosexuality.

The Rite Song

An electronic hymns, song, and service music reference that combines the Hymnal 1982, Wonder, Love, and Praise, and Lift Every Voice and Sing II, pew editions, in searchable format. Allows for searching the full text of all hymns (title, tune name, author, composer, meter, and copyright holder; contains information on copyright permissions with request forms; and printed music matching music in pew editions of hymnals to allow for easy incorporation into service leaflets. From Church Publishing.

The Rite Word

This 2000 edition contains collects, lessons, and psalms for the Prayer Book Lectionary, the Revised Common Lectionary, the Book of Occasional Services, and Lesser Feasts and Fasts 2000. Allows for copying and pasting readings into bulletins or for direct printing.

The Trinity Apocalypse

An accompanying CD the volume, The Trinity apocalypse : Trinity College Cambridge, MS R.16.2 (BS2823.5 .T7 T74), contains the whole text, with an English translation. The text of the Book of Revelation is accompanied by a commentary and by a remarkable series of illustrations that depict the dream of John in vivid detail. Written and illustrated in England in the mid-thirteenth century, with a text in French. Amidst the figures in the dream there are people and animals familiar in contemporary life, depicted with a colour and vitality. The manuscript has belonged to Trinity College, Cambridge, since the seventeenth century. In this volume, a group of experts consider its background, illustration, palaeography, texts, language and history. Edited by the Librarian of Trinity College, offers the most detailed study of the manuscript to date.(Adapted from the book jacket).

Word Biblical Commentary

Contains 54 volumes of the published commentary series, interactive and searchable. Analysis of textual, linguistic, structural, historical and theological evidence. Supported by Logos Library System.

The Word Made Flesh: A History of Christian Thought

Accompanies the book of the same title by Margaret R. Miles (Blackwell, 2005).  The CD contains an image bank to accompany the text of the book.

Writings of the New Testament

This is the electronic version (with additional research materials) of Luke Timothy Johnson, The writings of the New Testament: an interpretation (SMC Press, 2002).

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