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Pastor’s Electronic Library

The purpose of this page is to help ministers and students involved in biblical, theological and historical studies gain access to some of the multitude of web-based resources available. The resources in the Pastor’s Electronic Library are arranged according to the following categories:

  • General religion and theology sites
  • Primary source sites
  • Bible and Biblical studies
    • General Biblical reference
    • Text and canon
    • Language study and exegesis
    • General commentaries
    • Inter-testamental literature and apocrypha
    • Biblical theology
    • Dead Sea Scrolls
    • Biblical journals and forums
  • Church history
  • Biblical theology
  • Ethics
  • Practice of ministry

Pastor’s Electronic Library Rating System

E-Pastor’s library resources are ranked using the following rating star system:

* Fair: basic information or good in a narrow subject area.

** Good: solid information and user-friendly design.

*** Very good quality: consistently high quality information and/or user-friendly design

**** Excellent quality: combines outstanding informational content with excellent design & organizations.

The work of searching and annotation was conducted by Brian Cooper, a doctoral candidate in theology at Wycliffe College. The project was funded by a grant from The Leonard Foundation, to which gratitude is expressed for its continuing support of theological education at Wycliffe College.