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Video and Kit Resources in Theology, Church History, and Anglicanism

This listing includes video, dvd, and kit (containing print, audio, and video material) resources in the Graham Library relevant to theological studies including Church history, Biblical studies, ministry, preaching, the Anglican Church, and ethics. The relevant call number is noted and underlined. VC= Video Cassette.

Pastoral/Ministry/Spiritual Life

Celebration of discipline: the path to spiritual growth (Worcester, Pa : Gateway Films/Vision Video, [198-?]). 4 videocassettes (50 min. each). VC 189.
Based on Richard J. Foster’s book Celebration of Discipline. Originally produced in 1984. “Richard J. Foster leads a four part presentation which investigates afresh the classic disciplines of the spiritual life”.

  • Program 1. Spiritual discipline: Door to liberation
  • Program 2. The inward disciplines
  • Program 3. The outward disciplines
  • Program 4. The corporate disciplines

God behind bars. (Ottawa, Ont.: Naklik Productions Inc., 1998). VC 222.
Deals with the theme of church work with prisoners and the work of prison chaplains.

How We Seek God Together: Exploring Worship Style ([Bethesda, Md.]: Alban Institute, 2001). VC 219.
From the Alban Institute, this video and its accompanying book are a report of the findings of the Worship, Music and Religious Identity Research Project, undertaken in the early 1990s by the authors and others at Boston University School of Theology. 13 mins.

Sexual misconduct in our churches: learn to spot it, learn to stop it produced for the Diocese of Toronto by Anglican Video and ABC Publishing. ([Toronto : Distributed by] Anglican Book Centre, 2000). (28 min.) with study guide. With an introduction by Michael Peers. VC 220.
Using real-life scenarios shows clergy, church staff, and lay people how to recognize the various forms of sexual misconduct and how to prevent them.

Society for Pentecostal Studies (U.S.), Memory & hope. ([Toronto: Wycliffe College, 1996]) 6 videos +1 conference program. VC 193.
Proceedings of the 25th anniversary meeting of the Society for Pentecostal Studies, held Mar. 7-9, 1996 at Wycliffe College, Toronto, ON.

The Alpha video (London : Holy Trinity Brompton, [1994?]). 5 videos + 1 training video. VC 192.
A 15-session introduction to the Christian faith developed at Holy Trinity Brompton Anglican Church in London, England and presented by Nicky Gumbel.

Essentials for the church in the 21st century. Produced by Anglican Video in cooperation with the Anglican Book Centre and St. Paul’s Church. ([Toronto : Anglican Book Centre?], 1994). 2 videos (164 min.) VC 128.

What decade? [Toronto]: Anglican Church of Canada, 1991. Co-production of the Anglican Church and the United Church (9 min.) With leader’s guide. VC 125.
Refers to the ecumenical decade and churches in solidarity with women, 1988-1998.

Christian and feminist. ([Toronto]: Anglican Church of Canada, 1989). (29 min., 40 sec.) With leader’s guide. VC 126.
Discussions with Bishop John Baycroft of Ottawa about his statement that the feminist movement will transform the church.

Stott, John R. W. Models of pastoral ministry: an exposition of 1 Corinthians 4. ([Toronto: Wycliffe College, 2000). VC 199.
As well as being an exposition of 1 Corinthians IV, this video is useful for biblical teaching on pastoral theology and on the office of the clergy. It was recorded at Wycliffe College, March 24, 2000.

Stott, John R. W. Christian sexual ethics: a dialogue with John Stott and John Spong produced by Anglican Video in association with Diocese of New Westminster, Regent College and Vancouver School of Theology. (Toronto: Distributed by Anglican Book Centre,1993). (28 min., 30 sec.) Moderated by Maxine Hancock. VC 124.

Wright, N.T. Evil. (Downers Grove, IL : IVP Connect, [2006].) DVD 9.

Contents: 1. Introduction–what is evil? (9:20). 2. Old Testament perspectives on evil (16:50). 3. New Testament perspectives on evil (10:30). 4. What can we do about evil? (12:30). May be used in conjunction with N.T. Wright’s book, Evil and the justice of God.

Wright, N.T. Resurrection. (Downers Grove, IL : IVP Connect, [2006].) DVD 10.
Contents: 1. The concept of afterlife in the ancient world (15:00) 2. The idea of resurrection in Jesus’ world (11:00)  3. The Gospels and the resurrection of Jesus (13:30)  4. The significance of the resurrection for the Christian life (10:10).
Building blocks: an introduction to Christian faith with John Bowen.(Richmond Hill, ON : Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada, 1997.)”Originally part of the Leaders Training program at Ontario Pioneer Camp. VC 198.
Integrated approach to Christian belief and life in 8 sessions. Each session uses Scripture, diagrams, video clips, discussion and stories from “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis to make the topic contemporary, lively and interactive.”
Joyful noise: Psalms in community. Written and produced by Margot Fassler.(New Haven, Conn. : Institute of Sacred Music, Yale University, 2007). DVD 13.
Contents: Introduction — Singing the Psalms — Perspectives on the Psalms — The Psalms in early America — Chanted Psalms: Gregorian tradition — Texts and translations — Singing communities: Anglican tradition — Lectures on Psalmody at United Church — Philosophies of praise — Psalms and culture — Composing new settings — The practice of Taizé — Doxology.


Ethics: what is right? (Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2004.)  VC 242.
Harvard University’s Frances Kamm; Rutgers University’s Larry Temkin; and Richard Sorabji, emeritus professor of philosophy at King’s College London, describe the three major categories of ethics: metaethics; applied ethics; and normative ethics, including virtue theory, divine command theory, utilitarian theory, and duty theory. Plato’s Republic, Aristotle’s Nicomachean ethics, and Kant’s Grounding for the metaphysics of morals are considered, along with the contributions of Epicurus, Hume, Bentham, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Max Weber, G.E. Moore, and John Rawls.
Humphrey, Edith. The Trinity today: God’s mystery unveiled to us.(Charlottetown, P.E.I. : Parish Alive! : St. Peter Publications [distributor], [2006?]). DVD 5.
Andrews, Stephen. Making disciples of all nations: baptism preparation. (Charlottetown, P.E.I. : Parish Alive! : St. Peter Publications [distributor], [2006?]).  DVD 6.
One size fits all: exploring new and evolving forms of church in Canada. ([S.l.] : Ponder Publishing, 2008.) DVD 20.
Christian friendship. (Charlottetown, P.E.I. : Parish Alive! : St. Peter Publications [distributor], [2006?]). DVD 7.
Bill Moyers on faith & reason. Margaret Atwood. (Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2006.) VC 241.
“Margaret Atwood … speaks to Bill Moyers about agnosticism, the hunger for meaning, and the distinction between belief and knowledge.”

Church History

The trial and testimony of the early church: from Christ to Constantine. (Worcester: Gateway Films/Vision Video, [1990?])
Produced by Gateway Films in association with Christian History Institute and EO Television. 1 book, 6 bulletin inserts, 1 magazine, 1 teacher’s guide, 2 videocassettes. Plus Book: From Christ to Constantine: the trial and testimony of the early church by Ken Curtis, Carsten Peter Thiede, eds. (Worcester: Christian History Institute, 1991). 96 p. Bulletin inserts from Glimpses : of people, events, life and faith from the church across the ages, # 7-12. Magazine: Christian History, issue 27 (v.9, no.3). KIT 10. Covers church history in c.30-600. Complete curriculum package designed for six to twelve sessions.

Julian of Norwich. (Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities, 2000). (24 min.). VC 215.
Offers a concise overview of Julian’s life, times, and writings, along with commentary by Anne Savage of McMaster University, who discusses influential contemporary books such as Holy Maidenhood and A Guide for Anchoresses along with the reception of Julian’s writings by the medieval Church.

John Wycliffe: the morning star. (Worcester: Gateway Films,[1983?]) (75 min.) VC 181.
Originally produced as motion picture, 1983.

Where Luther walked. (Worcester: Gateway Films/Vision Video,[1981?]) (30 min.) VC 183.
Dr. Roland Bainton, well-known Reformation scholar, dramatically recounts the struggle and accomplishments of Martin Luther’s life while showing historic locations where this religious and social reformer lived and worked. Originally produced as motion picture 1981.

God’s outlaw: the story of William Tyndale. (Worcester: Gateway Films/Vision Video, 1987). (93 min.). VC 179.
Examines the story of William Tyndale (“Father of the English Bible”) and his attempts to translate the Bible into English and make it available to English people.

William Tyndale [videorecording] : man with a mission. (Interview with scholar David Daniell.) ([S.l.] : Christian History Institute ; Worcester, PA , [2005].) DVD 43.

William Wilberforce (1759-1833). (Worcester: Gateway Films/Vision Video, 1992). (35 min.) + 1 leader’s guide. VC 221.
Follows Wilberforce in his decades-long fight to abolish slavery in Britain.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: memories and perspectives. (Worcester: Trinity Films/Gateway Films/Vision Video, [1983]). (90 min.) b & w; + 1 study guide. VC 182.
Family, friends, and students of Dietrich Bonhoeffer recall his efforts to unite his fellow German Christians against the Third Reich. Includes archival photographs, excerpts from his letters and poems, and footage of his final days in a concentration camp. Originally produced as motion picture 1983.

Hanged on a twisted cross: the life, convictions, and martyrdom of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. (Worcester, PA : Gateway Films/Vision Video, [1996].) DVD 41.
Uses archival footage, documents and visits to original locations to capture the life, times and thought of the German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was executed by the National Socialists days before the end of WWII.

The mysteries. (Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities, 1992). 4 videos. VC 186.
Mysteries and miracle-plays. Staged at the National Theatre by Bill Bryden. Adapted from The English mystery plays by Tony Harrison.

  • Part 1: The nativity
  • Part 2: The passion
  • Part 3: Doomsday.

Mine eyes have seen the glory. (Worcester: Gateway Films/Vision Video, 1992). 3 videos (165 min.). + 1 guide. VC 187.
Examines the vitality and diversity of Evangelicalism and its role in American life. Based on Randall Palmer’s book: Mine eyes have seen the glory. Leader’s/user’s guide written by Randy Peterson.

  • Program 1. America’s folk religion.
  • Program 2. The making of a sub-culture.
  • Program 3. Coming of age.
Heavenly voices. ([Worcester, PA] : Gateway Films, 1998.) DVD 53.
Eight-part series about the glories of religious music, travels on an extraordinary musical journey through the remarkable history of the British choral tradition. Ten centuries of song unfold as organist and choir master Barry Rose explores the great traditions of church music, from the purity of tenth-century plainchant, invented by Pope Gregory to help his missioning monks teach their new converts the Scriptures and services, to the thunderous beat of a late twentieth-century rock-and-roll Christian band. Filmed in ruined abbeys, the countryside, grand cathedrals, beautiful gardens and lofty churches throughout Britain.

KJB: the book that changed the world. (Santa Monica, Calif. : Lionsgate, 2010.) DVD 32.

Diarmaid MacCulloch’s A history of Christianity: first three thousand years.(London : BBC ; New York: Ambrose Video, 2010.) 6 discs (360 mins.). DVD 30.

Contents: First Christianity — Catholicism : the unpredictable rise of Rome — Orthodoxy : from empire to empire — Reformation : the individual before God — Protestantism : the evangelical explosion — God in the dock.

History of Christianity. Developed and presented by Timothy George. ([Birmingham, Ala.] : The University ; Worcester, PA : Gateway Films/Vision Video, 1998.) DVD 42.
Affectionately yours, Screwtape: the devil and C.S. Lewis. (Worcester, PA : Gateway Films/Vision Media, 2007.) DVD 54.
The Life of C. S. Lewis. (Grand Rapids, Mich. : RBC Ministries, 2005.) DVD 57.

Anglican Church

Thoughtful holiness: the place of honesty in religion. Robert A.K. Runcie. 1993. 3 videos. VC 108.
Larkin-Stuart Recording of lectures given in the George Ignatieff Theatre, Trinity College, Oct. 5-7, 1993.

One generation from extinction? conversations on congregational vitality with George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury. (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1994-1995). (60 min.), 5 study guides. KIT 9.

“An Anglican resource developed by The Primate’s Commission on Evangelism, The Logos Institute, The Wycliffe College Institute of Evangelism, Anglican Video with support from Partners in Canadian Mission Unit.”

The Story of Anglicanism. Narrated by Michael York. (Westlake Village, CA : Cathedral Films and Video, 1990). 3 videos + 3 study guides. VC 180.

  • Pt. 1. Ancient & medieval foundations
  • Pt. 2. Reformation & its consequences
  • Pt. 3. Creating a global family

The seventh fire: First Peoples and the Anglican Church (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1995). (27 min., 38 sec.) With study guide. VC 122.
Looks at what lead a group of Aboriginal Anglican leaders to take the unprecedented step of covenanting together to build an autonomous Aboriginal church, in partnership with the rest of the Canadian Anglican Church and what this means for the Church.

The Healing Circle. (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1995). (55 min.). VC 120.
Summary of the submission by the Anglican Church of Canada to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, and message from the Primate to the National Native Convocation, Minaki, Ont. With study guide.

Tomorrow’s Anglicans: the past, present and future of the Anglican Church of Canada. (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, [1994?]-1995). 2 videos (119 min.) + 2 discussion guides. VC 114.
A three-part series originally broadcast in 1994 on VISION-TV. Includes “There’s room for you, too”, Anglican video commercials, series 3, Sept. 1994. Pt. 4 produced in 1995 profiles three Anglican parishes: Gibson’s Landing on Vancouver Island, Simcoe, Ontario and Pasadena, Newfoundland.

Return to Hepu: Li Tim-Oi goes home. (Atlanta, Ga.: Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation, Inc. [198-?]). VC 116.
Relates to the Church of England, Diocese of Hong Kong and Macao.

That they all may be one. (Atlanta, Ga.: Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation, 1987). VC 117.
Relates to the Episcopal Church and Christian union.

Prepare the way: highlights from the 34th General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, June 1-9, 1995, Ottawa. (Toronto: Anglican Video, 1995). 2 videos (142 min., 30 sec.). VC 119.

Bringing completeness: the ordination of Michael Bedford-Jones and Victoria Matthews, Bishops in the Church of God. (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1994). (90 min.). VC 127.
The consecration service at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Toronto, on Feb. 12, 1994.

Essentials for the church in the 21st century. (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1994). 2 videos (164 min.). VC 128.
Four-part Lenten series held at St. Paul’s Church in Toronto. Speakers: Don Posterski, Loren Mead, Mary Jo Leddy, and Herbert O’Driscoll.

Views on sexual orientation: excerpts from the General Synod Forum, 1992. (Toronto: Anglican Church of Canada, 1993). (25 min., 19 sec.). VC 129.

Leadership under pressure: stories from the 1998 Lambeth Conference. (New York, NY: Trinity Church, 1998). (66 min.) + 1 study guide (44 p.). VC 166.
Produced for use by the Anglican Consultative Council at the 1998 Lambeth Conference. “Profiles prominent Anglican bishops throughout the globe, exploring the diverse ways in which they wrestle, both personally and as leaders of their churches, with the vital issues facing the Anglican Communion today”.

In the apostles’ fellowship: conversations with the Diocese of Toronto bishops, Terence Finlay, Douglas Blackwell, Michael Bedford-Jones, Anne Tottenham, Taylor Price. (Toronto, ON: Program Resources Board, Diocese of Toronto, 2001). VC 216.

The Toronto bishops share their thoughts on Lent and Easter, and the questions and issues facing Anglicans in contemporary society.

Great expectations? Video featuring Michael Marshall. (St. Louis, Mo.: Anglican Institute, [198-?]). (60 min.) VC 178.
Series of six ten-minute segments, paralleling the chapters in Marshall’s book Great expectations?, on Bible training for evangelism in parishes.

Essentials 2001: Lift High the Cross. ([North Vancouver, B.C.]: Norlynn Audio Visual Services, [2001]) 9 videos (580 min.). VC 223.
Speeches given at Essentials 2001 Conference held at Trinity Western University, Langley, B.C., June 14-19, 2001. Contents of each tape:

  • # 1. Faith, morals and missions / Maurice Sinclair. (61 min.).
  • # 2. Our mission in a pluralistic world / Yong Ping Chung. (53 min.).
  • # 3. The Trinity today / Edith Humphrey. (56 min.).
  • # 4. Liturgy today / Robert Crouse. (53 min.).
  • # 5. The uniqueness of Christ / Ronald Ferris. (41 min.).
  • # 6. Lifting high the Cross in our lives / Peter Moore. (85 min.).
  • # 7. Biblical mandate #1: Feed my sheep: parish ministry today / Jerry Smith. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God / Henry Scriven. (70 min.).
  • # 8. Biblical mandate #2.:Set the captives free / Linda Tripp. Take up you[r] cross and follow me / Josiah Idowu-Fearon (80 min.)
  • # 9. Greetings from Canterbury /George Carey. Welcome to Essentials 2001 / George Sinclair. Why Essentials? / Tom Robinson.
    A challenge to change / George Sinclair. (81 min.)

Baptism: A life-long celebration. (Toronto: Anglican Video/ABC Publishing,2005) 25 mins. 1 study guide ([8] p.) VC 240.
A “comprehensive look at the spiritual journey called baptism with the context of Anglican tradition and practice.”

The Man from Aldersgate (Pasadena, CA: Friends of John Wesley,[1990]) 83 mins. VC 238.
Dramatization of the life of John Wesley in front of a live church audience.

Desmond Tutu: Ministry in a multi-ethnic context (Trinity College, Toronto: The Romney Moseley Lectures, 2000). VC 229.
A lecture delivered at the Convocation Hall, University of Toronto, Feb. 16, 2000.

Amazing Grace: The Story of the Hymn (Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities and Sciences,[1994]). 90 mins. VC 228.
Documentary explores the history of the hymn “Amazing grace”, and traces the lyrics back to its author, John Newton, the English slave ship captain turned country preacher. Includes archival film footage, and variations sung by different performers.

Conversations with Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. (Princeton, N.J.:Films for the Humanities & Sciences,[2004]) 26 mins. each. DVD 2.

1. Playing With God. Deals with Anglican Church’s view of the claims of genetic science.

2. rights and Responsibilities. Examines the conflicting ideals between group rights and the Anglican Church.

3. Bringing Up Children. Addresses the appropriate Anglican response to the troubled children and their experiences.

4. Faith, Politics, and Tradition. Seeks to answer the question whether if religious belief can be reconciled with the changing values of modern life.

The walk. (Swindon, England : Bible Society, 2007.) DVD 12.
Depicts the motivations and struggles behind William Wilberforce’s long and ultimately successful parliamentary fight against slavery.

Stephen Neill. (Worcester, PA: Gateway Films/Vision Video, 1999.) DVD 45.

Four lectures given in March 1984 at the Overseas Ministries Study Center in Ventor, New Jersey; includes a chapel message and an interview with Bishop Neill.  The lectures are on:
  • How My Mind Has Changed About Mission (Tape 1 Lectures 1 and 2)
  • How My Mind Has Changed Bonus Extra — Chapel message by Bishop Neill (Tape 2 Lectures 1 and 2)
  • How My Mind Has Changed Bonus Extra — Interview of Bishop Neill by Gerald Anderson.
Alister E. McGrath.(Worcester, PA: Gateway Films/Vision Video, 2000.) DVD 49.
John Stott. (Worcester, PA: Gateway Films/Vision Video, 2000.) DVD 48.
Bishop Desmond Tutu. (Worcester, PA: Gateway Films/Vision Video, 200-.) DVD 47.
James I. Packer: a gifted thinker with a pastor’s heart. (Worcester, PA: Gateway Films/Vision Video, 2000.) DVD 50.

Biblical Studies

Art and life in the Middle Ages: the Luttrell psalter. (Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities, 1999). (36 min.). VC 217.
A program on the illuminated psalm book of Sir Geoffrey Luttrell. “Section one … discusses how the psalter was made and decorated, focusing on what the paintings reveal about fashion, trade, and entertainment. In section two, images of feasting, warfare, heaven, and hell are spotlighted, providing insights into 14th-century values and the prominent role of religion in daily living.”

Paul, the emissary. (Worcester: Gateway Films, Vision Video, 1998). 1 video (54 min.) +1 discussion guide. VC 196.
In this drama starring Garry Cooper, we follow Saul the angry zealot to Paul the servant of Christ who will pay any price to bring his message to the world. Follows the account given in the book of Acts.

Biblical archaeology from the ground down. (Washington, DC: Biblical Archaeology Society, 1996).2 videos (90 min.). Examines remains at Megiddo, Hazor, Ashkelon, Tel Nami, and Jezreel. VC 194.

NRSV, a standard for our time. (Cleveland, Ohio: Classic Video, [1989?]). (18 min.). VC 213.

Jesus and his times. (Pleasantville, NY: Reader’s Digest Home Entertainment Division [US], 1991). 3 videos (173 min.) VC 197.

  • v. 1. Jesus, the story begins (61 min.)
  • v. 2. Jesus among the people (57 min.)
  • v. 3. Jesus, the final days (55 min.)

Who were the Israelites? (Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities, 1993). (23 min.) VC 184.
Uses archaeological evidence to challenge the account in the Book of Judges concerning the military conquest of Canaan by the Israelites.

Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls. (Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1991). (60 min.) VC 185.
Examines the laborious and controversial process of compiling and releasing the Dead Sea scrolls.

Testament: the Bible and history. (Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities, 1991). 7 videos (364 min.). VC 188.
Focuses on the origin and authorship of the Bible and its relationship with history. Titles of each tape:

  • 1. As it was in the beginning
  • 2. Chronicles and Kings
  • 3. Mightier than the sword
  • 4. Gospel truth?
  • 5. Thine is the kingdom
  • 6. Power and glory
  • 7. Paradise lost

The Archaeology of Jerusalem from David to Jesus. (Washington, D.C.:Biblical Archaeological Society,1990). 2 videos (74 min.). VC 191.

  • 1. From the beginning to the Babylonian destruction.
  • 2. From the return of the exiles to the world of Jesus.
Dramatic presentation of the Gospel of Mark. (Columbus, Ohio : SELECT, 1992.) VC 225.
The Last Supper. (Westminster, PA : Vision Video, 1993.) DVD 40.
Filmed and dramatized entirely on authentic locations of the Holy Land and the Middle East.
Behold the man: a journey into history seeking the real Jesus. (Worcester, PA : Gateway Films/Vision Video, [2006?]). DVD 52.
Three Biblical scholars (Steven Notley, Jacob van Bruggen [i.e. Jakob van Bruggen], Michael Green) present arguments for the historical existence of Jesus Christ, His divinity, and His resurrection.
The Gospel of Judas: and other gnostic secrets revealed. (Worcester, Penn.: Ensign Media, 2006.) DVD 51.
Examines how Gnostic beliefs originated, their influence on the Church and their popularity and resurgence today.


Great preachers. Series 1 & 2. (Worcester: Odyssey Productions/Gateway Films, Vision Video, 1997).
Based on a series at Baylor University. Includes text of the sermon, and interviews with the preacher on their message and spiritual journey in preaching.

  • VC 207 TRIN/WYC: John R. W. Stott
  • VC 201 TRIN/WYC: Barbara Brown Taylor
  • VC 202 TRIN/WYC: Billy Graham
  • VC 214 TRIN/WYC: Fred Craddock
  • VC 208 TRIN/WYC: Haddon Robinson
  • VC 203 TRIN/WYC: Thomas Long
  • VC 205 TRIN/WYC: John Claypool
  • VC 206 TRIN/WYC: Linda Loving
  • VC 210 TRIN/WYC: Suzan Johnson Cook
  • VC 209 TRIN/WYC: Tony Campolo

C.H. Spurgeon tonight. (Worcester: Gateway Films/Vision Video, 1990). (56 min.) VC 204.
Features a documentary introduction to Spurgeon’s life and ministry and Dr. Craig Skinner’s one-man show based on Spurgeon.

Christianity and Other Religions

Buddhism & Christianity: toward the human future. (Berkeley, CA: Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies, [1987?]) (30 min.). VC 33.
Documentary from the 1987 international conference on Buddhist-Christian dialogue held in Berkeley, California. Members of each tradition discuss the theology of dialogue, the role of women, social justice and peace, and spiritual practices.

I am a Sufi, I am a Muslim. (Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities, 1996). (52 min.). VC 163.
The program travels to India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Macedonia to explore what Sufism is and to observe how it is practiced in various parts of the world today. Also features Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a well-known performer of Qawali music.

Hindu ascetics: a film. (Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities, 1994). (44 min.). VC 164.
A documentary illustrating the rituals and practices of India’s holy men–sadhus, fakirs and yogi including ecstatic dancing, meditation, and mind-over-body feats designed to develop the power of concentration. Film also examines the connection of the rituals of these ascetic eremites to ancient Hindu and Buddhist rituals.

Martha Nussbaum: applying the lesson of ancient Greece. (Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities,1994). (30 min.). VC 190.
Originally produced in 1988 for the television program “World of Ideas”, a production of Public Affairs Television, Inc.

Splendors of the spirit: Swedenborg’s quest for insight. (West Chester: Swedenborg Foundation, 2001). (60 min.) VC 218.
Explores the quest, life and legacy of the Swedish Enlightenment scientist and spiritual visionary Emmanuel Swedenborg.

Hauerwas, Stanley, Pagan & Christian in an age of nihilism: the Christian witness to the postmodern university. 2000. VC 227.
A lecture delivered at Wycliffe College, March 30, 2000.

Islam, empire of faith. ([Baltimore, Md.?]: Gardner Films ; [Alexandria, Va.?]/PBS Home Video, 2000). 2 videos (ca. 180 min.). VC 226.

Inside Islam. ([New York?] : A & E Television Networks, 2002.) DVD 55.

Chronicles the history of Islam and traces the history of its literary and artistic influence on the West. “This balanced, objective introduction to the great faith traces its roots back to the Hebrew Bible and explains the main tenets of Islam, the Five Pillars that all Muslims must adhere to. Discover what the Qur’an has to say about war, violence and suicide, and see how these words have been co-opted by extremists.”

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