Trinity College Archives Project

We are building a future for Trinity’s past.

The archives renewal project has roots in three issues: 

  • the need for more space – the archives has now outgrown its present facility;
  • the need to protect our heritage in reliably safe conditions; and
  • the desire for a space where the College’s history can be proudly displayed. 

Trinity’s 14th provost Andy Orchard was a keen supporter of the project and his enthusiasm helped launch the College’s plan for the new archive. We have been fortunate to receive support from two anonymous donors, the students of Trinity College, Virginia and Peter McLaughlin, the Friends of the Library and alumni. 

Housed in the old Library quarters, the archives will consist of a climate-controlled vault with compact shelving, a reading room, processing room and office.  A public hallway will feature four large display cases containing objects and documents that reflect aspects of our history.  One of these cases will be reserved for student curators.

We hope the refurbished archives will encourage student use, facilitate scholarship and provide a focal point to inform visitors, students and alumni about the people, buildings and events that shaped Trinity College.

In addition, as part of the renewal project, a new geothermal system will be installed to provide environmentally-friendly heating and cooling to the archives.

Make your gift today to support the new Archives project.