General Collection

The Library's collection of over 200,000 volumes is strongest in the humanities - English, philosophy, and classics, for example; in the theological disciplines supporting the programs of the Trinity College Faculty of Divinity and Wycliffe College; and in history, political science, economics and other subjects relevant to Trinity's interdisciplinary undergraduate programs - International Relations; Ethics, Society and Law; and Immunology. As part of the large and diverse University of Toronto library system, the Graham Library augments resources available elsewhere in ways consonant with the missions of Trinity and Wycliffe Colleges.

A collection of some 400 periodicals representing the range of undergraduate and divinity interests is maintained for research and leisure reading. Current issues are displayed for browsing in the lower reading room. The Graham Library also has more than 300 video cassettes, including films of literary works, interviews with authors, sermons, and other works, and there are sizable collections of audio cassettes, phonograph records, and compact discs of music, poetry, and lectures.

In addition to a large and increasing range of electronic resources available through the University of Toronto library system's website, a number of databases and electronic texts are available on CD-ROM at Trinity, such as:

  • Anchor Bible Dictionary
  • Word Biblical Commentary
  • Evolution of the English Bible
  • Luther's Works
  • Understanding McLuhan