Primary Source Sites

Christian Texts

Early Christian Writings

A good collection of links to information about and online texts of Christian primary sources dating from 30 to 250 CE. By Peter Kirby, a student at Fullerton College in California.

Christian Texts

Christian texts dating from the biblical era to the 20th century.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Vast collection of public domain source material, historical and theological, searchable by title, author, or subject. Since the texts are generally accessed as html files, they can be saved for offline viewing. An excellent resource. Formerly located at the University of Pittsburgh and later at Wheaton College, the CCEL is now located at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Project Wittenberg

Project Wittenberg contains the definitive collection of works by and about Martin Luther and other Lutherans. Produced by the Internet Christian Library and Rev. Bob Smith, Electronic Services Librarian at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Internet Theology Resources: Church History and Historical Theology

Collection of links to theological and church historical documents, arranged chronologically. Posted by the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University in Minnesota.

The Protestant Reformation

Good basic collection of Reformation documents, including English and Scottish Reformers. Part of the Hanover Historical Texts Project of Hanover College in Indiana.

Luther's Works

Lists all the works in the 55 volumes of the American edition of Luther's Works (LW) with cross references to their sources in the Weimar Edition (WA).

Puritanism on the Web

Collected Puritan works from Britain and New England, as well as English Reformation texts. By Lauric Henneton, an Anglo-American History scholar from France.

Texts of General or Historical Interest

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

Paul Halsall of the Fordham University (in New York City) Center for Medieval Studies has compiled a very large and useful collection of public-domain historical documents for educational use. The collection is arranged into ancient, medieval, and modern subsets, and also into several thematic sourcebooks.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the Internet's oldest producer of free electronic books (eBooks or etexts). with a present collection of more than 10, 000 eBooks, most of which are older literary works that are in the public domain in the United States. All may be freely downloaded and read, and redistributed for non-commercial use. The collection is searchable by author, title, or language, but unfortunately, not by topic.

Access the Great Books

Links to and summaries of great books from Hammurabi to present-day authors, as well as biographical information about the authors.

Hanover Historical Texts Project

Primary texts mainly from Europe and America, grouped according to historical period. Published by Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana.

Into His Own: Perspectives on the World of Jesus

Collection of searchable primary texts assembled by Mahlon H. Smith, of the New Testament world of Jesus. Texts are organized under headings which include social, political, cultural, intellectual which are in turn divided into sub-headings. The selections are short, clearly cited, and contain links to further information about the author and work. An award-wiinning resource.

Internet Sacred Texts Archive

A large collection of primary texts from Christian and non-Christian religious, mystical, and philosophical sources.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a vast repository of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. See here for the specific content of the John Graham Library that has been digitized for the site. Its content relates mostly to the Bible, the Church of England, sermons in English, and Jesus Christ.

Repositories of Primary Sources

A listing of websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar, from the University of Idaho.

Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Iter is a non-profit research project headquartered in Toronto, created for the advancement of learning in the study and teaching of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700) through the development of electronic resources. Most of its resources are accessible only to paid subscribers, but a limited number are freely available.