Course Enrolment and Academic Advising

As a newly admitted student, we are pleased to offer you several opportunities to connect with members of the Registrar’s Office to ensure you are adequately supported throughout the time leading up to your arrival on campus through our Spring Orientation and One-On-One Advising.  Once you begin classes in September, we recognize that you will continue to have questions, so we continue to offer you the opportunity to connect with us through our First Year Advising Appointments.

If you are an international student or just live outside of the GTA we encourage you to make a Skype appointment to speak with one of our advisors. 

Arts and Science Calendar and Timetable

Your first step is to review the 2018-2019 Arts and Science Calendar and  Registration and Timetable Website.   Having a basic understanding of these documents will improve your experience at Spring Orientation and make one-on-one advising more productive.


All newly admitted students and their families are encouraged to attend  SPRING ORIENTATION (HOSTED AT TRINITY COLLEGE), where staff from the Registrar's Office will explain the process of course selection and enrolment in detail.  This will include an explanation of degree and program requirements, course scheduling and online enrolment.  We will also discuss more general academic, financial, and student life challenges that you might face as you adapt to university and introduce you to the many support services that the College and University has in place to assist you in first year and beyond.

If possible, we strongly encourage you to read over the Getting Started Resource Guide  before coming to Spring Orientation.  It will help prepare you for the day.  It will also prepare you to ask more specific questions.

Spring Orientation is scheduled for Saturday, June 16th, 2018.  Come to Trinity College to meet the Registrar's Office team and spend some time on our campus!  An invitation will be sent to all admitted students at the beginning of June.

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One-On-One Advising

If you are unable to attend Spring Orientation, you can book an appointment (contact to speak with one of our advisors by phone, in-person, or via Skype, to ask specific questions about choosing courses based on your personal plans and circumstances. 

If possible,before your one-on-one advising session, we encourage you to read ovef the Getting Started Resource Guide.  It will help us save some time in our actual session, and help you to prepare more specific questions!

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First-Year Advising Appointments

To support our first-year students, we offer a comprehensive First Year Advising Program.  Our First-Year Advising Appointments are part of this program.  As you progress through your first year of University, we understand that you will continue to have questions! While you are welcome to drop by our office or make an appointment at any time, during the middle of September, we specifically make the effort to contact all of our first year students and invite you to make a one-on-one appointment with an advisor. These appointments are designed to provide you the opportunity to talk about your transition to university life and answer any questions that may have arisen in the first few weeks of the semester. We again contact all of our first year students in the second semester, and invite you to come in again to continue the conversation from the first semester.