Trinity College Residence Agreement 2018-2019

In consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein, TRINITY COLLEGE (the "College") and the undersigned (the "Resident") agree as follows:


a.    The College grants to the Resident a licence to use and occupy a room (the "Room") in the Residences located at 6 Hoskin Avenue or 44 Devonshire Place, and respectively known as Trinity College Residence or St. Hilda’s College Residence (the "Residences") for a period (the "Occupancy Period") commencing on the official move-in date (September 2, 2018 for newly admitted first-year students and September 3, 2018 for returning students) and ending forty-eight (48) hours after the Resident’s final spring examination/assignment or at 12:00pm (noon) on May 1, 2019 whichever is the earlier date, unless terminated earlier pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement.

b.    Residents may request to stay in residence beyond 48 hours after their final exam; however, approval is subject to availability and circumstances. Additional charges may apply.

c.    The Residences are closed for the December Winter Break. All residents are expected to vacate their room no later than 48 hours after their final fall exam or by 12:00pm (noon) on Saturday, December 22, 2018, whichever date is earlier.  The Residences will re-open at 8:00am Sunday, January 6, 2019.

d.    Any student wishing to stay in the Residences for all or part of the Winter Break Closure is required to submit an application to the Office of the Dean of Students and will be charged a fee.  During the closure period the College and University of Toronto are closed and services will be limited; the Dining Hall is closed, there is no IT service, Welcome Desk services are limited, and there are minimal staff on-site.  Applications for Winter Break residency will be available by mid-November 2018 and the submission deadline is November 30, 2018. Permission to remain in the Residences during this time period is subject to the approval of the Dean of Students and should not be considered automatic.


2.       The Room and room type shall be assigned to the Resident by the Dean of Students (the "Dean"), or the Dean’s designate.


3.        It is understood by the Resident that the residence facilities of the College are intended to promote a harassment-free environment and to enhance the academic and intellectual development of its students, their personal growth and their involvement in campus life and that, accordingly, the atmosphere, environment and behaviour in the Residences shall be conducive to, and consistent with, the achievement of these purposes.

a.    If a Newly Admitted Student Resident, defined as a student who did not attend Trinity College the previous year, does not take possession of, and occupy, the Room by 12:00am (midnight) Monday, September 3, 2018, the Room licence is automatically forfeited and cancelled and the student will be liable for both residence deposits #1 ($600) and #2 ($1000). The College may then license the Room to another resident forthwith, without notice to the Resident.

b.    If a Returning Student Resident, defined as a student who was admitted to and attended Trinity College in any year prior to the current year, does not take possession of, and occupy, the Room by 12:00am (midnight) Tuesday, September 4, 2018, the Room licence is automatically forfeited and cancelled and the student will be liable for both residence deposits #1 ($600) and #2 ($1000). The College may then license the Room to another resident forthwith, without notice to the Resident.

c.    If after accepting an offer of residence a student (newly admitted or returning) decides that they no longer wish to live in residence they are encouraged to notify us immediately. Please refer to section 9.b. for more information regarding penalties for early residence withdrawal.


4.        The College will:

a.    provide the Resident with the furnishings listed in Schedule "A" until the Vacating Date; and

b.    maintain the Room and the Residences in a reasonable state of repair and fit for habitation.


5.        The Resident will:

a.    comply fully with the Trinity College Code of Student Conduct and the University of Toronto Code of Student Conduct, the University of Toronto Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment and the Trinity College Alcohol Policy and the Policy on Episkopon.

b.    receive one key for the Room and one key for admission to the Residences and one mailbox key (herein referred to as “keys”).  The keys shall be returned by the Resident to the College on or before the Vacating Date.  The Resident will not lend, nor duplicate, nor permit duplication of, nor be in possession of a duplicate of, any of the keys.  If the Resident loses their keys, or fails to return them on the Vacating Date, the cost of replacing the keys will be billed to the Resident.

c.    maintain the Room in a clean and hygienic condition and will not allow any refuse, garbage or other objectionable material to accumulate in or about the Room or the Residences;

d.    comply with the Trinity College ResNet Policies.


6.         The Resident will not:

a.    assign this agreement or sub-license (e.g. Airbnb) the Room or any part thereof to any other person or otherwise part with the possession or occupation of the Room;

b.    paint or decorate the Room or Room Door or any wall, ceiling or surface of the Residences without the consent of the Dean;

c.    deface any wall, ceiling or surface of the Residences, including the windows, or damage the Residences or its furnishings or permit their guests or invitees to do so;

d.    under any circumstances tamper with or change the lock, or add a lock, locks or other security devices  to the door of the Room;

e.    make any alterations to the structure of the Room or affix anything to the walls or ceiling thereof without the prior consent of the Dean;

f.    keep any devices in the Room that are not Ontario Electrical Safety Code approved. Such items can be removed from any Room as a potential fire hazard;

g.    keep or use a waterbed, open element (such as a hot plate, toaster etc.) or heating equipment (such as a space heater) in the Room, or use any device that might overload the electrical circuits (more information is available on the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE of our website) ;

h.    tamper with or in any way interfere with the operation of any fire detecting or smoke detecting equipment for any reason;

i.    keep any firearms, ammunition, air guns/rifles, fireworks, prohibited weapons, offensive weapons, slingshots, explosives, illicit narcotics and drugs, animals, reptiles, birds, fish or insect in the Room or in the Residences.

j.    behave in a manner that will unreasonably disturb, annoy or interfere with, the use or enjoyment of the Residences by the other residents, or permit anything to be done or kept in the Residences which will obstruct or interfere with the enjoyment or rights of the other residents; or

k.    commit or permit an illegal act to be committed in the Residences.


7.         Only full-time University of Toronto students who are enrolled in a minimum of 3.0 FCEs, with a minimum of 3 courses in each of the Fall and Winter semesters, or comparable course load in a professional faculty or Faculty of Divinity, in good academic standing (minimum cumulative grade point average of 1.5) are eligible to reside in Trinity College Residences unless alternate arrangements have been approved in writing by the Dean.  Residents who withdraw from the University or drop below full-time status in either the Fall or Winter semesters, are required to inform the Office of the Dean of Students immediately.  The College reserves the right to check the academic status of students to confirm their eligibility for residence as required.



a.    The College may at its option terminate this licence upon the happening of any of the following events:

i.      non-payment by the Resident of any amount due to the College or University;

ii.     breach by the Resident of any other provision of this agreement or the Rules and Regulations  as published from time to time; or

iii.     any event whereby the Resident ceases to be a registered student with a full-time enrolment status at the University of Toronto,  including but not limited to the suspension or expulsion of the Resident from studies during the academic session.

b.    In the event that the College exercises its option to terminate this license, the College or its designated official shall give written notice of such termination to the Resident, which shall specify the effective date of the termination, which shall not be less than three (3) days following the giving of the notice (the "Effective Date of Termination").  The notice may be hand delivered to the Room or affixed to the door of the Room, addressed to the Resident.

c.    Notwithstanding paragraph (b), under exceptional circumstances, the College reserves the right, to be exercised by the Dean acting reasonably, to give written notice of termination of this license not less than 24 hours before the effective date of termination.

d.    Notwithstanding the early termination of this license, the Resident shall at the option of the College be liable for payment of the full amount of the Occupancy Fee, whether or not the room is re-occupied or the Residences are filled.


9.         Students are admitted to residence on the understanding that they will remain in residence for the full Occupancy Period, which is the entire Fall and Winter Academic Term.  In the event that the Resident elects to withdraw from the Residences or from their program of study during the Occupancy Period, he/she will be held financially responsible as follows: 

a.    Written notice of early withdrawal must be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students, a minimum of 5 business days prior to the withdrawal. The Office of the Dean of Students will then arrange for a meeting, where the student will be provided with documentation (“Notice of Residence Withdrawal”) which they will provide to the Welcome Desk staff, along with their keys, upon move-out. No move-out is considered final until the Welcome Desk staff receives the official “Notice of Residence Withdrawal” form along with the resident’s keys.

b.    Students who cancel their application or withdraw from residence will be subject to the following:

i.    Prior to June 1, 2018 - Deposit #1 ($600) is Refunded

ii.   June 1 – July 31, 2018 - Deposit #1 ($600) is Forfeited

iii.  August 1, 2018 – Assigned Move-In Date in September (September 2, 2018 for Newly Admitted 1st Year Students and September 3, 2018 for Returning Students) – Both Deposits #1 ($600) and #2 ($1000) are forfeited

iv.  Assigned Move-In Date – September 30, 2018 - $1600 + fees are pro-rated up until the date when the “Notice of Residence Withdrawal” and keys are returned to the Welcome Desk.

v.   October 1, 2018 – January 31, 2019 - $2500 + fees are pro-rated up until the date when the “Notice of Residence Withdrawal” and keys are returned to the Welcome Desk.

vi.  On or after February 1, 2019 – residence fees will not be pro-rated and the Resident is not eligible for a refund.

c.    Students who withdraw from the University will vacate the premises within 48 hours of the date upon which they cease to hold full-time academic status unless alternate arrangements are approved by the Dean of Students.

d.    Students who vacate their residence space without following proper procedures, including completing the Notice of Residence Withdrawal and room check-out forms, as well as returning keys, will continue to be billed until such time as a proper check-out has taken place.

e.    All students, including those who withdraw from residence for academic reasons, are subject to the withdrawal penalties as outlined above.


10.       The College reserves the right, to be exercised by the Dean acting reasonably, to substitute another room in the Residences for the Room at any time after room assignment and or during the Occupancy Period, in which event the substituted room shall be deemed to be the Room for all purposes hereunder and the Resident shall forthwith move to that other Room.


11.        Residential buildings are occasionally subject to pest outbreaks, including but not limited to, bedbugs.  If a pest outbreak is suspected, residents are required to immediately contact the Welcome Desk or the Office of the Dean of Students, so an inspection can be arranged.  If the presence of pests is confirmed, residents will be required to actively participate in the treatment by following the directives of the College and/or professional Pest Control workers. To reduce the likelihood of spreading pests to unaffected areas, residents will not be relocated to a new room.  No refund or reduction of fees will be issued to those who are inconvenienced by pest inspection or remediation processes.


12.        The College shall not be liable to the Resident for any damage to, loss, or theft of personal property or for personal injury, including death, on the Residences property save where the same is caused by the wilful or negligent act or omission of the College or those for whom the College is in law responsible.  The Resident will indemnify the College and save it harmless from any and all liability in respect of any injury, loss or damage occasioned by any act or omission of the Resident, their guests, agents or invitees.


13.        Please note that a number of provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act do not apply.


14.        All residence students are assigned a mailbox and provided a mailbox key at the beginning of the year. It is important to note that all students in residence share a mailbox with another student. Mailboxes are located in the Trinity College building at 6 Hoskin Ave.


15.        The Resident is required to have adequate insurance to cover any deliberate or accidental damage that they might cause to the Residences or other residents belongings. The College reserves the right to seek restitution for any damages caused by the Resident.


16.        It is agreed that there be no reduction of Occupancy Fees or any other compensation for, or on account of, any loss, damage, inconvenience or discomfort arising from the interruption or curtailment, however caused, of any accommodation, facility or service agreed to be furnished by the College.


17.        The Resident will pay an Occupancy Fee for the assigned Room Type and the choice of Meal Plan. All residents are required to purchase a meal plan as outlined on the Trinity College Residence Fees Website. The website also represents the portions due on the stated dates. The amount due will be the stated amounts minus any credits that may have already been applied. Any balance due must be received in full by the College or University by the dates stated in order to avoid the accrual of service charges on outstanding fees.

Please note that if Deposit #2 is not received by the stated deadline of August 1, 2018, it will be recognized as a forfeiture of the Residence Room and the Room will be reallocated to the next eligible student on the waiting list.

a.    Email notices will be sent to those with outstanding account balances using the University’s UTmail+ email service; please ensure that you activate your UTmail+ email address.


18.        It is understood by indicating agreement with these terms and conditions as part of the residence application process, the Resident is subject to all the terms and conditions herein.





The College will supply the resident with the following furnishings until the Vacating Date:


  • Desk and Desk Chair
  • Bulletin Board (where applicable)
  • Dresser (where applicable)
  • Bed Frame and Mattress
  • Curtains or Blinds
  • Bookshelf or Shelving Unit
  • Lamp
  • Garbage and Recycling Cans
  • Internet Connection
  • Closet or Wardrobe
  • Smoke Detector and Battery
  • Note: Some, but not all, rooms are equipped with a phone and local phone service

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