QE II Scholarships: Immunology

Immunology as a Platform for Sustainable International Partnership

The intent of this program is to build sustainable partnerships with academic institutions in Commonwealth countries, enabled by scholarships that will foster the next generation of scientific leaders, with a deep understanding of the benefits of international partnerships that extend beyond scientific collaboration

This collaborative scholarship program will cultivate the next generation of leaders in Canada and other Commonwealth countries, who will apply both academic expertise and cultural/societal understanding to reduce the burden of disease in specific areas of global health. Areas of focus are: (1) women’s health, (2) infectious diseases, (3) cancer, (4) life sciences technology commercialization/implementation and (5) scientific communication. This initiative will build on existing academic and research expertise, and existing programs at the respective institutions.

By partnering with Engineers Without Borders, The Elizabeth Fry Society, Studio Y within the MaRS Discovery District, The Centre for International Experience (CIE), Community Action for Families, and the Dream Team, scholars and interns will learn of local community issues and engage in outreach activities beyond their scientific and academic studies. The Impact Centre at the University of Toronto will act as a partner for the program by acting as a platform where research discoveries are developed and translated to products for commercialization. The intent is to engage The Impact Centre in activities that will provide for innovative solutions to health and social issues in Canada and other Commonwealth countries.

Internship placements will be for academic credit at the University of Toronto. Students will be required to register for TRN307H (International Experience I) for the summer semester and it is anticipated that students will register for TRN 308H (International Experience II) in the fall after they return from their internship.

On their return, students will be expected to register in TRN 308H, International Experience II and participate in the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Forum. Queen Elizabeth II scholars and interns will enrich the forum by bringing their international internship based broad perspectives and experience to groups addressing locally-rooted focused issues. Evaluation in TRN308H will be based on participation in the Forum, including oral presentation and completion of a scholarly paper based on the intern’s research.


Students must be Canadian Citizens or permanent residents of Canada, registered in the Faculty of Arts and Science and currently in second year or beyond. Students must be willing and able to spend at least 90 consecutive days in the host country during the summer of 2019 and to register in the TRN307H course. Students who are both planning to graduate in the spring or summer of 2019, and have accepted an offer to enroll in a graduate program in 2019-2020 may also be eligible.

2019 Queen Elizabeth II internship opportunities

National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi, India.

Research foci relate to infection and immunity, molecular design, gene regulation, reproduction and development.

University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa.

Research foci relate to malaria and scientific communication.

University of York, York, UK.

Research foci include immunology & infectious disease.

The University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK.

Research foci relate to infection, immunity and inflammation.

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Research foci relate to innate immunity, infectious diseases and systems biology.

National University of Singapore, Singapore.

Research foci relate to the development and function of the immune system in combating infectious disease.


How to apply

Students are invited to apply by completing the application form and submitting it together with a CV, a copy of a complete transcript and a brief essay (no more than 500 words)  Documents should be submitted in pdf form.

Apply HERE

Students should request a letter of recommendation from an undergraduate supervisor/ instructor.

The deadline for receipt of applications and letters of recommendation is December 31st, 2018.