Clubs & The TCM

Student Government: The Trinity College Meeting 

The highest body of student government at Trinity is the Trinity College Meeting (TCM), which operates as a direct democracy.  Student governance at Trinity is unique because it’s one of the only colleges in North America whose student governance is conducted by a body of which all the College’s students are members, rather than by an elected student council. Every student can bring forward motions, speak and vote at the TCM.

The TCM sets the social calendar for the year, reviews and amends student government documents, voices the general opinions of the student body, establishes and directs student clubs and holds annual student elections.

The TCM has various elected Officers (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) that work on its behalf, as well as various boards and committees that help it work more effectively. The Auditor and Deputy Auditor also oversee all accounting books and financial accounts for levied clubs twice a year, while the CRO and DRO run annual spring elections. 



Clubs and Organizations

It is often said that at Trinity there is a club or organization for everyone – and if there’s not, you can start one!  Student clubs and budgets all operate via the TCM and the whole process is explained on Trinlife, as well as a full listing of clubs and contact information.  Students have control over funds and budgets are approved via the TCM.

To learn more about how to start your own club and necessary documents, more information may be found here

Levied Clubs at Trinity College include: The Literary Institute, Trinity College Volunteer Society, Trinity College Athletic Association (TCAA), St. Hilda's Atheletic Association (SHAA), The Trinity College Review, Finance Committee, Trinity College Dramatic Society (TCDS), Rainbow Trinity, Trinity College Environmental Society 

Images Courtesy of Jillian Moran and Nathan Chan