Writing Support

Trinity College’s Writing Centre can advise you on how to produce a great paper, including confidential one-on-one tutoring in essay writing for course assignments, and objectively review your essay. The Writing Centre provides instruction in, and objective criticism of, your written course assignments in any discipline.

The staff won’t write your paper for you, or tell you what to say. But they can advise on such matters as focus, organization, argumentation, documentation, grammar and style. Their aim is to help you improve your ability to write clearly, coherently, logically and persuasively. They will work with you on any kind of writing assignment (essays, book reviews, reports, including science reports) at any stage of development, from conceptualization to final draft.


Consultations for the Summer 2020 semester with the Writing Centre will take place online. To book an appointment please go here

Writing Centre Instructors 

Patricia Patchet-Golubev
Director and Instructor, Writing Centre; Instructor: Science Writing for Non-Scientific Audiences TRN478H1

Penny Arthur

Jessica Gardiner

Susan Riggs

Leanne Simpson

Sheryl Stevenson


Lane Springer is our Academic Don for Writing Support for 2019-2020. Lane is a PhD student in the Medieval Studies Department, and is available to help Trinity students with writing assignments they may have in any class. To schedule a meeting with Lane, you can email her at lspringer@trinity.utoronto.ca.

Other Resources

Trinity students who are interested in improving their academic skills (writing and beyond),  are welcome to attend any workshops within the writing plus series, which range from “understanding the assignment” to “writing through stress.” No pre-registration is required!

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