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Writing Instruction and Support

Trinity College Writing Centre

Trinity College’s Writing Centre provides confidential, individualized instruction in, and detailed assessments of, any and all written course assignments in any discipline, from scientific reports to social science/humanities research essays. Writing Centre instructors won’t write your paper for you, or tell you what to say, but they can advise you on the organization, argumentation, documentation, rhetoric, grammar, and style of your written work. (They will also help you with oral presentations!) Writing Centre instructors are pleased to work with you at any stage of the writing process, from conceptualization to final draft. Their aim is to help you improve your ability to write clearly, coherently, logically, and persuasively, using a hands-on approach.

Book An Appointment

Appointments are currently available both in-person and online.  We look forward to meeting with you and helping you improve your writing skills!

Book an appointment today at https://uoft.me/writingcentres.

If you have questions, contact:


During the regular academic school year, you can also connect with an Academic Don for additional help with your writing! Get in touch with one of our Writing Support Dons – Avia Amon, Etienne Cardin-Trudeau, and Isabelle Zhu – or with our Writing for the Sciences Don, Sun Eui Choi, or with the Don for the subject area your assignment is in, for a consultation.

Other Resources

Trinity students who are interested in improving their academic skills (writing and beyond),  are welcome to attend any workshops within the Writing Plus series, which range from “Understanding the Assignment” to “Writing Through Stress.” No pre-registration is required!

Read about other writing resources at U of T: Writing at the University of Toronto