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Admission Requirements

Admission to the Ethics, Society & Law (ES&L) Program is competitive.

If you are requesting the program at the end of first year:

Enrollment is limited to students with an overall average of 77% or higher in 3 FCEs (at the end of first year) selected from courses that are categorized as BR=2 and/or BR=3. Please note that TRN170Y1: Ethics and the Creative Imagination” can also be included as a full credit towards selection even though it is classified as BR=1+2. However, a 77% average does not guarantee an invitation to ES&L.

In 2017-2018, ES&L received more than 500 program enrollment requests for 75 openings. Although the invitation cut-off depends on the number of applications, it can be up to an 80% average in the three Breadth Requirement-relevant courses at the first-year level. Thus we prioritize students according to best averages in the relevant course categories.

For students applying at the end of second year:

A minimal overall average of 77% is required in 3 FCEs from courses that count towards the program including at least 1.0 FCE from: ETH201H1, ETH210H1, ETH220H1, ETH230H1, PHL265H1, PHL271H1, PHL275H1, and POL200Y1.

In either case, achieving the threshold mark does not necessarily guarantee admission to the program in any given year. Applications beyond second year will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. 

ES&L is a Type 2 limited enrollment program.

Consult the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar for ES&L enrollment and program requirements and courses.

Contact Us:

Program Information: esandl@utoronto.ca

Prof. John Duncan:
Director, Ethics, Society, & Law Program
Office hour: Wednesdays 11 am to 1 pm

Prof. Jennifer Leitch:
Associate Director, Ethics, Society, & Law Program

Gabriel Wee:
Ethics, Society, & Law Program

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