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Message from the Director

Welcome to Ethics, Society & Law (ES&L)! The ES&L program at Trinity College offers undergraduates a broad and deep investigation of crucial issues at the heart of our lives in society. This interdisciplinary program allows students to encounter issues like refugee experience, environmental ethics, human rights and colonialism by looking through ethical, legal and sociological lenses. The same intersection breathes challenging life into concepts like consent, choice, justice and dignity. Small class sizes mean engagement with our brilliant and involved teaching faculty and a real chance for dialogue and community-building with the other students in your courses – relationships that can enrich university life and endure beyond it.

A major or minor can be built to suit your passions, and course requirements can be met with a rich array of Ethics, Sociology, Political Science and Philosophy offerings. Building skills in legal reasoning, sociological analysis and ethical action, ES&L majors and minors prepare students for effective, impactful lives. In keeping with the normative questions about human relations at the program’s core, our graduates go on to work in the world to find solutions for the thorniest questions we face and to enhance well-being and fairness, be it in the legal, non-profit, public sector, academic, or social enterprise arenas.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact us.

Prof. John Duncan
Director, Ethics, Society & Law Program

Contact Us:

Program Information: artsdean@trinity.utoronto.ca

Office Hours:

Prof. John Duncan
Tuesday 10-12
Please contact artsdean@trinity.utoronto.ca for the weekly link.

Prof. Simone Davis:
by appointment

Associate Director, Ethics, Society & Law Program; TRN303H Ethics and Society; TRN321H1 Selected Topics in Ethics, Society, and Law; TRN171Y1 Ethics and the Public Sphere
Director, Ethics, Society and Law Program ; TRN203H1 Society, its Limits and Possibilities; TRN303H1 Ethics and Society; TRN409H1 Selected Topics in International Studies: The Afghanistan War: Critical Issues
Administrative Assistant for the Dean of Arts, Trinity College