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Below is a few ways to get involved in programs and activities related to the Ethics, Society & Law Program.

Ethics, Society & Law Students’ Association

Ethics, Society & Law Students’ Association is the undergraduate course union for the Ethics, Society & Law Program at the University of Toronto. We are open to any student who is interested in this program.

Mindful Journal of Ethics

Mindful is an undergraduate journal affiliated with the Ethics, Society & Law (ES&L) Program. The undergraduate ES&L program is distinctively interdisciplinary, emphasizing and engaging with issues that have both theoretical and practical resonance. Mindful has a similarly interdisciplinary mission: the journal seeks to gather excellent undergraduate papers in a range of fields that address topics that are relevant to society today.

Humanities for Humanity (H4H) and Humanities for Humanity Two (H4H2)

Each year, we recruit Trinity student mentors to facilitate Humanities for Humanity (H4H). The primary responsibilities of mentors are to create an inviting environment for our community participants and to help nurture conversation and discussion in small groups after the lecture. We are also recruit third- and fourth-year Trinity undergraduate students to act as mentors for Humanities for Humanity 2 (H4H2). Mentors in H4H2 read and discuss literature together with community members who face economic and other structural barriers to post-secondary education. These opportunities can be added to your Co-Curricular Record (CCR) and are a wonderful community service experience to highlight on your resume. Further information about these programs and mentorship opportunities will be sent to students in early September.

Trinity College Undergraduate Research Conference

The Trinity College Undergraduate Research Conference is an interdisciplinary annual conference that gives Trinity students the opportunity to present their research in an academic setting. This is also a unique opportunity for Trinity students and faculty of the university to meet and discuss related topics of interest outside of the classroom.

U of T Global Opportunities

The U of T Learning Abroad website has a searchable listing of international opportunities, answers to FAQs and student stories.


Innovative Learning Opportunities

The ES&L program hosts, or is closely associated with, the following innovative offerings for students:

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