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TRN195H: Literature of Heroes & Horrors 

TRN195H: The Literature of Heroes and Horrors 

Course Description

This course examines literary works that redefine heroism in light of ordinary and extraordinary ‘horrors;’ including social upheaval, ecological disaster, and personal and historical events — as well as our imaginings of these. What affects, knowledges, and perspectives arise from such horrors, and what can recent literature show us about the nature of heroism in our time? We’ll draw on rich lineages of dystopian and experimental writing, as well as some visual media, and link them to theories of science fiction, affect, narrative structure, and poetic form. Students will strengthen their foundational skills in critical thinking, scholarly reading, and collaborative practice. Students can expect weekly reading responses, presentations, active class participation, and opportunities for creative research in their papers.

2023-2024 Course Instructor

Zoe Imani Sharpe

Zoe Imani Sharpe is a poet whose work spans poetry, essay, literary criticism, art writing, and scholarly research. Her current interests include linguistics, architectural aesthetics, grief and mourning practices, labour, and contemporary poetry throughout Canada and the US. She holds an MFA from the University of Guelph and BA in Creative Writing and English Literature from Concordia University in Montréal.

Zoe’s teaching practice extends from universities to artist-run centres to collaborative workshops. Her recent writing has appeared in YYZ Artists’ OutletThe Writers’ Trust of Canada, and Best Canadian Poetry 2021.

Photo Credit: sarah bodri

Zoe Sharpe
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