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International Experience


The International Relations (IR) Program strongly encourages its students to take advantage of opportunities to study outside Canada.

The Centre for International Experience (CIE) offers students the opportunity to enhance their educational experience by studying in different academic and cultural environments. Students entering their third year of an Honours degree are able to fulfill program requirements while studying abroad. For information on eligibility, structure of the program and study abroad options, contact the CIE at 416-946-3138.

The program advises students considering this option to begin preparing for this program early in their second year of study at U of T. To speak to the Director about potential transfer credits or other issues, contact the Program Administrator, Marilyn Laville at 416-946-8950 or by email at irpro@trinity.utoronto.ca.

For information on Summer Abroad programs, contact the Professional & International Programs Office at Woodsworth College: 416-978-8713 or summer.abroad@utoronto.ca.

The U of T Learning Abroad website also has a searchable listing of international opportunities, answers to FAQs and student stories.

If you have any questions, please contact the Program Administrator.

Contact Us:

Ms. Marilyn Laville
Program Administrator, International Relations Program