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Message from the Dean of Arts

Welcome to the academic program pages. In my role as Dean of Arts at Trinity College, I oversee the Trinity College academic programs in the Faculty of Arts & Science of the University of Toronto. All our programs are available to all students in the Faculty of Arts & Science, no matter what College they belong to, and the programs themselves are provided under the auspices of the Faculty.

Trinity College is the home of the Margaret MacMillan Trinity One first-year program. Trinity One offers a range of programming that is designed to enrich the first-year experience of students at the University of Toronto. The program provides students with rich programming in a small class environment, designed to complement the large first-year classes that most first-year students require for their programs. There are six streams in Trinity One, covering the social sciences, life sciences and humanities together with a range of co-curricular activities that enrich the program.

Trinity College also offers upper-year interdisciplinary programs in International RelationsEthics, Society & Law and Immunology that lead to specialist or major degrees. These programs are open to students from all Colleges and both are highly sought after as program POSTs by students entering second year.

The College also offers a range of research-based opportunities where students can work with individual faculty, either within the University of Toronto or abroad. Opportunities include the Comprehensive Research Paper course, a range of Independent Studies courses and International Experience courses, and cover a range of subjects.

Overall, I have been delighted to see the range of courses and programs offered by the College develop over the last five years. Whether you are interested in the full academic programs of International Relations, Immunology or Ethics, Society & Law, a wide range of enriched first-year programming or opportunities for research, I would encourage you to explore this section of the website and find what suits you best.

With best wishes,

Michael Ratcliffe

Prof. Michael Ratcliffe
Dean of Arts & Vice Provost, Trinity College