Trinity Comprehensive Paper

The goal of these two courses is to provide Trinity College students in any field of study with the opportunity to produce a publication quality review article. Students will apply during their second year to the course coordinator Prof. Leslie Boehm ( for permission to take the course. Students selected for the course will be given access to a website in which faculty mentors (drawn from the Trinity College Fellows and Associates) who are willing to mentor students have provided topic outlines. Students and mentors will come to a signed agreement in which the student agrees to read textbook level introductory material by the end of second year in preparation for TRN377Y1. 


Students will prepare a term paper in the form of a review article on a subject selected from a list under the one-on-one mentorship of a faculty member. Students will be required to sign on for the course during second year and commit to becoming familiar with relevant text book material on the subject during second year under the guidance of their faculty supervisor. This material may come from courses they are taking or through guided reading. The goal is to allow students at the start of third year to be at a stage where they can approach the primary literature with a sufficient base.

In third year, students will be guided through primary literature and by the end of the first semester are expected to develop a relevant bibliography and paper outline which will be graded, prior to the Y course drop date. In the second semester, students will be required to develop and submit their paper by the end of the semester. The overall grading for the course will be based on the bibliography, paper outline, term-paper and supervisor’s evaluation. The term paper will be graded by a faculty member with expertise in the topic. It is expected that during the year, the student will meet regularly with the faculty supervisor to discuss the material covered and progress towards the completion of the paper.


TRN377Y is a prerequisite for this course. Students will work together with their faculty mentor to take the paper submitted in TRN377Y and edit the paper to the level of a publication quality review article. This is expected to be an iterative process where the student is expected to get feedback from the faculty supervisor and incorporate this feedback into the final document. The feedback will include comments on structure, coverage, bibliography, content and style. The goal is to provide students with a full sense of the type of skills for writing at the professional level and prepare them for graduate studies. Students will be provided with a preliminary assessment before the drop date for the H course and the final evaluation will come from grading of the final paper by two faculty members with expertise in the topic and a supervisor’s evaluation.

Questions about the Trinity Comprehensive Paper? Contact:

Trinity Comprehensive Paper Program Coordinator
Prof. Leslie Boehm