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Butterfield Environment & Sustainability Stream

The Butterfield Environment & Sustainability stream welcomed its first cohort of students for the 2018-2019 academic year. Created in close consultation with the University of Toronto’s School of the Environment, this stream will examine the most challenging issues surrounding Human beings, the planet and our future together. The Butterfield Environment & Sustainability stream will use an interdisciplinary approach that combines both the sciences and the arts. Students will learn how to think about the complexities of environmental sustainability from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

This stream is open to all incoming Faculty of Arts & Science students, however we recommend at least one senior-level high school science course as preparation.

The Butterfield Environment & Sustainability Stream was established thanks to the generous donation of George and Martha Butterfield and is funded by sustainable investments.


Students in the  Butterfield Environment & Sustainability stream must enroll in two Trinity One seminars in their first year: TRN140Y1: Ethics, Humans, and Nature and TRN141Y1: Environmental Science & Pathways to Sustainability. Each course amounts to 1.0 FCE and will continue throughout the fall and winter semesters. These credits will account for 2.0 credits of the typical 5.0 credit load in the first year. To learn more about each course, click below!


The Butterfield Environment & Sustainability stream provides an excellent foundation for many of the programs offered by the School of the Environment. In addition to the School’s core Environmental Science and Environmental Studies majors, students should consider the collaborative programs offered, including Environmental Ethics and Environment and Health. Students may also be interested in a directed minor, intended for students looking to acquire environmental knowledge in a specific discipline, or one of the environmental programs offered by other University of Toronto departments such as Environmental Biology or Environmental Chemistry.

The Butterfield Environment & Sustainability stream’s interdisciplinary emphasis also helps students prepare for a variety of Humanities and Social Science programs. Students may be interested in pursuing studies in Philosophy, Political Science, International Relations, or Public Policy 


Your stream mentors will support you throughout the academic year by hosting workshops and activities to assist you with course assessments and to facilitate community building. They will be your first point of contact should you have any academic concerns or questions about student life! Meet your stream mentors below!

Yang Jing (Aimie) Zheng

Program(s) of Study: Neuroscience (Major), Environmental Science (Minor), Buddhism, Psychology, & Mental Health (Minor)
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York, USA
College: Trinity College

Aimie expressed immense gratitude for her experience with the Environment & Sustainability Stream, through which she expanded her worldview and explored her interests in environmental science. She felt that the program encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone and further cultivate her abilities to express her perspectives. As a mentor, Aimie wishes to support students in their journey throughout TrinOne and university. She would be happy to help and further encourages students to reach out if they have any questions or would like to chat! Welcome to UofT!!

Christina Xie 

Program(s) of Study: Molecular Genetics and Microbiology (Specialist) and Neuroscience (Major)
Hometown: Markham, Ontario
College: Trinity College

To Christina, Trinity One was an enriching and rewarding experience. Through the Butterfield Environment and Sustainability Stream, she is grateful to have formed connections with like-minded peers while immersed in nature. Inspired by the community of activists and researchers in environmental justice, Christina strives to make her own impact through working in tandem with advocacy groups such as Lost Rivers. She is honored to join the Trinity Food Systems Lab to build socially just and ecologically sustainable food systems.



Hear from graduates of the Trinity One program – Environment & Sustainability stream!

Angel Bella | Class of 2023

I had the pleasure of speaking with Angel Bella about her Trinity One and undergraduate experiences, along with her future plans now that she is graduating with Peace Conflict and Justice Studies major and Environmental Science and Creative Expression & Society minors.

Trinity One Alumna (ENV Stream) Angel Bella

Trinity One Alumna (ENV Stream) Angel Bella

Angel completed the Environment and Sustainability (ENV) Stream and believed the program significantly impacted her undergraduate and career trajectory. She found the holistic educational approach nourishing, especially because of the many opportunities to spent time outdoors. Her experiences with the ENV stream opened her eyes to the possibilities in Environmental Science oriented research. TRN141 (Environmental Science and Pathway to Sustainability) and especially Professor Spiegelaar gave Angel the skills and confidence to apply to become a Laidlaw Scholar. Now, 2 years into her research into sachet consumption in the Philippines, Angel has found “the heart and soul that goes into research.”

 As a commuter student, Angel worried about missing out on the full college experience. During her first year, she realized that she must be proactive and overcome her limiting beliefs. She would explore various activities, events, and opportunities to explore her interests further and amplify her voice wherever possible. This past year, Angel was the co-executive director of the Feminist Equal Rights Alliance and conducted research as a Laidlaw Undergraduate and Research program. Angel’s advice to future TrinOne students: Although easier said than done, we must have the belief and confidence to pursue our goals, to go for it!

 After graduation, Angel will pursue her Master’s in Human Geography at the University of British Columbia, where she will be conducting research in food systems and women migrant-care workers. Along with her academia, Angel hopes to dedicate more time to her visual arts endeavours and develop her music album to be released by the end of summer 2023. I would like to thank Angel for the wonderful conversation we had! We would like to congratulate Angel and all the other new graduates of U of T and wish them the best in their future endeavours.

 Written by: Yang Jing Zheng, Trinity One Program Assistant, Environment & Sustainability ‘22

Rajvansh Rungta | 2020

“The Trinity One program has proven to be an enriching first-year experience for me. The two courses have played a quintessential role in my self-development over the last five months as they have enabled me to voice my opinions fearlessly and have taught me how to learn from constructive criticism.”

Olivia Rodrigo | 2020

“As ENV is a new addition to Trin One and not as widely known, I want to represent my class and share the incredible work we are doing. It is a stream that encompasses all interests and interdisciplinary backgrounds which I believe students should be aware of.”


Environmentalism, politics, humanitarian crises and climate change are all wrapped up in one!

I love how the Butterfield Environment & Sustainability stream will not shy away from teaching the complex, interwoven nature of environment and social justice issues.  

- Nathan Postma, 4th Year Environmental Studies Major

Nathan Postma on Rooftop Garden IMG_5091
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