Archived Program Events


Trin One End of Term High Table Dinner

April 4, 2019

High Table Dinner is a traditional dinner held at Trinity College – one of the various aspects of the College that follow the Oxbridge model. Students celebrated their final week of class with their peers and instructors over a sit-down dinner that featured a globe-trotting menu. Click here for photos from this event.

Lunch Talk: Ambassador Rosemary McCarney

February 26, 2019

“The Current State of Multilateralism”

Ambassador McCarney has been appointed to the position of Canadian Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations and the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva in 2015. Students will hear about Ambassador McCarney’s work in the UN agencies and affiliated bodies in Geneva regarding multilateral diplomacy, and Canada’s valiant efforts to defend and preserve the rules based international order. In a Q&A/fire-side-chat, students engaged with Ms. McCarney on her work including the global health agenda, the global labour agenda, and cyber issues. In November, 2019 she was named the inaugural Pearson-Sabia Distinguished Visitor in International Relations at Trinity College.

Careers and Experiences Workshop Series

February/March 2019

February and March were focused on providing Trinity One students with career exploration skills and the resources to look for academic and career-related experiences. A series of workshops helped students navigate their online presence, build-professional relationships, craft resumes, cover letters, CVs and participate in mock interviews.

Lunch Talk: Renato Reyes

January 15, 2019

Human rights activist, Renato Reyes spoke to students in the International Relations and Policy, Philosophy and Economics streams about his organization’s work in the Philippines.

Trin One Holiday Social

December 4, 2018

As the first term came to a close, students were invited a holiday gathering for lunch. This was an opportunity to celebrate a successful term, and de-stress before Fall final exams.  Trinity One students, faculty, and mentors chatted over holiday treats, hot chocolate, arts and crafts, board games, and a gift exchange!

Peter Busby visits Trinity One

November 22, 2018

Award-winning architect and officer of the Order of Canada visited students in the Butterfield Environment and Sustainability Stream and taught a guest lecture about architecture and sustainability.

A visit to the Trinity archives

November 20, 2018

Trinity College Rolph-Bell archivist Sylvia Lassam and Student Outreach and Archival Projects Librarian Christopher Hogendoorn, gave an introduction to the use of primary documents (i.e. archival materials) for research. The aim of this session was to familiarize students with some key archival concepts, explain the differences between libraries and archives, and let them know what to expect when they visit an archives facility on campus.  Their goal is to make students comfortable visiting and using archives.  Students engaged with hand select items from the Trinity College Archives holdings to view.

Lunch Talk: MP Robert Oliphant

November 13, 2018

“The Road to Royal Assent: Bill S-201 – Ending Genetic Discrimination”

Robert Oliphant, MP visited the College to talk about his private member’s bill on preventing discrimination based on genetics. This bill demonstrates the intersection of ethics, policy and the biomedical sciences and was beneficial for students interested in careers in public service.

Lunch Talk: Provost Mayo Moran

October 30, 2018

Trinity College Provost, Mayo Moran, discussed the history of Residential Schools in Canada and the recent settlement between those affected and the federal government of Canada. Students had the opportunity to participate in a discussion with Professor Moran about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the legal implications for Canada going forward.

Lunch Talk: Prof Joseph Wong

October 2, 2018

Prof Joseph Wong who is the Canada Research Chair in the Department of Political Science at U of T and also a professor at the Munk School of Global Affairs led the first talk of the year. He spoke to students about current innovative research projects, including his recently completed “REACHING THE HARD TO REACH: A CASE STUDY OF BIRTH REGISTRATION IN SOUTH AFRICA”.

Public Speaking Workshops

September 2018/January 2019

Students are given opportunities to brush up their seminar class discussion skills and oral presentations skills in public speaking workshops led by learning strategists and mentors.

Opening of term luncheon

September 4, 2018

This year’s Opening of Term Luncheon welcomed new students to the Trinity One Program including students in the Butterfield Environment and Sustainability stream! View photos from this event here.



Lunch Talk: Jennah Khaled

March 6, 2018

Trinity One alumna Jennah Khaled joined us to discuss her work at the International Atomic Energy Agency and on the Iran Nuclear deal.

Lunch Talk: Michael Ignatieff

February 12, 2018

Dr. Michael Ignatieff stopped by for a candid, intimate talk with students with topics ranging from moral reasoning, Canada’s international presence, ethics, democracy, international politics, and the current state of international relations. Trinity alum Michael Ignatieff was born in Canada, and educated at the University of Toronto and Harvard. He is a university professor, writer and former politician. Between 2006 and 2011, he served as an MP in the Parliament of Canada and then as Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition. Read more about his visit here.

Lunch Talk: The Right Hon. Paul Martin

January 24, 2018

Students joined the International Relations Society in welcoming The Right Honourable Paul Martin, 21st Prime Minister of Canada, to Trinity College. Mr. Martin explained the history and establishment of the G20 from the perspective of a founding finance minister and later as prime minister. He highlighted the novelty of the G20 and its ability to quickly and decisively respond to transnational crises, and the necessity of such a collective in a rapidly globalizing world. Read more about his visit here.

Lunch Talk: Andre Picard

November 14, 2017

Globe & Mail health columnist and best-selling author, André Picard spoke to Trinity One students about ways to improve mental health care in Canada. He is also one of Canada’s top public policy writers, an advocate for improved mental-health care and a best-selling author. He has received many accolades and is an eight-time finalist for the National Newspaper Awards (Canada’s top journalism prize) and past winner of the prestigious Michener Award for Meritorious Public Service Journalism.

In his talk, Picard spoke extensively about the current state of mental-health care in Canada and the need for both improved policy and compassion. He also answered student questions on everything from the long term impacts of corporal punishment to the decriminalization of drugs to new legislation around assisted suicide.

Lunch Talk: Prof. Margaret MacMillan

September 26, 2017

Professor Margaret MacMillan visited Trinity College to speak to Trinity One students. The historian and former Trinity College Provost discussed how much the program had changed since her time as a Trinity One Professor and encouraged students to challenge ideas (and their professors). MacMillan also urged students to consider their own history and how it impacts their worldview as they moved forward in their studies. 

Opening of term luncheon

September 5, 2017

We welcomed a new class of students to the Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program. Our first lunch gave students the opportunity to meet new classmates, Professors, Stream Mentors, and Trinity College administrators.