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Trinity One Blogs and Testimonials

Hear what current students and alumni have to say about their experience in the program!

Alumni Reflections

Hear from graduates of the Trinity One program as they reflect back on their Trinity One experience at the University of Toronto at the end of their Undergraduate degree.

Life as a student in Trinity One

“Trinity One was where I first explored academic topics that I remain passionate about. I will soon begin graduate research at the University of Cambridge focusing on legal questions surrounding American drone strikes – a topic that I first learned in the Trinity One classroom” – Darcy Taylor, TrinOne’16, Trin’19

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Biomedical Health

“I have found Trinity One to be a phenomenal program, with the discourse and community it creates, perfectly complimenting crowded lectures in Convocation Hall with 1300 other students” – Charles Carr, TrinOne’20

“My undergraduate studies in math and neuroscience as well my research experiences may have prepared me for a career in research in computational neuroscience, but the Trinity One Program taught me one of the fundamentals in conducting research; how-to do-good science” – Melisa Gumus, TrinOne’15, UC’18

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Medicine and Global Health

“One of the most prominent aspects in the Trinity One Program concerns communication. In addition to in-class discussions with peers, the program incorporates policy papers, poster presentations, and research conferences. Generating these types of media trains students like me to be able to present information in various forms, geared towards different potential audiences” – Vincent Hung, TrinOne’20

“I have experienced a lot of great challenges through my classes that were tough in the beginning, however very beneficial in helping me strengthen my skills and understanding in certain areas as well as providing me with projects and assignments that not many first years get the opportunity to do and accomplish” – Sheryl Ordonez, TrinOne’20

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Environment and Sustainability

“The Trinity one program has proven to be an enriching first-year experience for me. The two courses have played a quintessential role in my self-development over the last five months as they have enabled me to voice my opinions fearlessly and have taught me how to learn from constructive criticism” – Rajvansh Rungta, TrinOne’20

As ENV is a new addition to TrinOne and not as widely known, I want to represent my class and share the incredible work we are doing. It is a stream that encompasses all interests and interdisciplinary backgrounds which I believe students should be aware of” – Olivia Rodrigo, TrinOne’20

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International Relations

I was exposed to a great breadth of knowledge and passion from my professors and peers, which will serve me well in both my future studies and ambitions. Exposure to different perspectives was one of the many opportunities this program offered; coupled with engaging projects, workshops, and support, I can truly say I have become a better student” – Burhan Khan, TrinOne’20

“I am an international student, and when I moved from India to Canada for university, I was unsure about pursuing international relations. I think I have something unique to say and to offer as the experience of being a TrinOne IR student was so transformative for me. I went from being shy, unable to participate in class to being able to do so every class, I was able to socialise and make friends through the program, and the TrinOne program confirmed that International Relations is for me” – Shaina Sharma, TrinOne’20

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Ethics, Society, and Law

“My first year experience has benefited immensely from the Trinity One program. The classes have been so eye-opening and have really helped me solidify my plans for next year. Moreover, the small community within ESL has been a great support during my transition into university. I can genuinely say that I have made some of my closest friends in Trin One” – Megan Campbell, TrinOne’20

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Policy, Philosophy, and Economics

“TrinOne courses aren’t like many of my other lectures, instead of teaching you hard, solid facts, they give you an education on democratic citizenship and allow each student to participate actively in class” – Hsin-Ning Chuang, TrinOne’20

“I’ve grown from the seminar and discussion style of TrinOne, both from learning how to be assertive in class to writing essays at the university level” – Katie Kinross, TrinOne’20

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