International Gifts

Not a resident of Canada? Alumni and friends around the world can still help support Trinity.

Trinity College alumni and their families (family members are defined as: spouses, children, grandchildren, parents and siblings) who are residents of the US may make donations directly to Trinity and use the College's charitable receipt for their U.S. income tax returns under the Canada-United States Income Tax Convention.

American citizens (or residents) who are not alumni or related to alumni of Trinity College as well as corporations, foundations, estates and trusts requiring a U.S. tax receipt, can contribute through The Associates of the University of Toronto, Inc., established in 1947 to facilitate donations. For more information, click here.

Hong Kong
The University of Toronto Hong Kong Foundation solicits and receives donations for scholarships, enabling undergraduate students from Hong Kong with financial need to attend the University of Toronto. Visit the site.

United Kingdom
Residents of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who are interested in making a gift to Trinity College are asked to contact us at 416-978-2651 or