Gifts of Personal Property

Gifts-in-kind may be added to the College's collections for the enjoyment of future generations of students and faculty. Proceeds from gifts-in-kind that are to be liquidated upon the transfer of ownership to Trinity, help to maintain Trinity's buildings and endowments.

If you are considering a gift of property, such as art collections, rare books, academic papers, musical scores, real estate or other valuables, please contact us first. Real estate, Certified cultural property or Corporate inventory property involve special consideration when given as a charitable gift.

Benefits of making a gift-in-kind:

Receive a tax receipt for the appraised fair-market value determined on the day the gift is made. Claim charitable donations up to 75 per cent of your net income, plus claim 25 per cent of the taxable capital gain resulting from a gift of appreciated capital property. A five year carry forward on unused donation amounts is permitted.

Gifts-in-kind of national importance that are eligible for certification under the federal Cultural Property Export and Import Act may be claimed up to 100 per cent of your net annual income in the year of the gift, and any capital gain triggered by the gift is exempt from inclusion as income.

Designate your gift to any area of the University, such as the University Art Centre, the University of Toronto Libraries, scholarships, buildings, programs, faculties, divisions or departments, to use at their discretion

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