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Academic Leadership, Integrated Sustainability Initiative

Nicole Spiegelaar
Professor Nicole Spiegelaar, Academic Director of the Integrated Sustainability Initiative

Tel: 416-978-2168, ext. 82168

Nicole Spiegelaar is an Assistant Professor with the School of the Environment and Trinity College. She works with complex adaptive systems theory and interdisciplinary knowledge integration to address sustainability challenges. Her past research focused on the natural environment as a living systems model for mental wellness shaped by Indigenous Knowledge of the James Bay Cree, Environmental Psychology and Ecosystems Science. More recently Nicole has applied this to sustainability programming, where interdisciplinary experiential learning and complexity not only provide students with critical skills to address global sustainability issues, but they can also promote proenvironmental behaviour and foster student psycho-social resiliency in uncertain times. Nicole sees great potential for intentional design of academic spaces and pedagogy that encourages integrated thinking, collaborative relationships, and healthy student experiences.


Michael Classens
Professor Michael Classens, Associate Academic Director of the Integrated Sustainability Initiative


Michael Classens is an Assistant Professor and Associate Undergraduate Director in the School of the Environment. His teaching, research, and advocacy work are broadly motivated by commitments to social and environmental justice, particularly within the context of the food system. His current research agenda has two focus areas: critical sustainability pedagogy, and local food systems transformation. Michael is co-editor (with Dr. Jennifer Sumner, OISE) of a special issue of Canadian Food Studies titled “Food systems pedagogy in Canada” (fall 2021), and the author of, From dismal swamp to smiling farms: Food, agriculture and change in the Holland Marsh (UBC Press, 2021). Find out more about his work at www.foodandchange.com.


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