George Ignatieff Theatre Event Planning

The George Ignatieff Theatre is a multi-purpose assembly hall.  During the academic term, it is used as a classroom during the day.  In the evenings, on weekends, and outside of term, it is used for lectures, conferences and performances of all kinds.  It is the home of the Trinity College Dramatic Society.   

When not in use for Trinity College activities, the GI Theatre is available for rental externally.  If you are planning an event at our theatre, please download our Welcome Package to learn more about our facility.   


The theatre schedule for the coming academic year is open to external requests and confirmations for evening and weekend use in the following year starting as early as April.   Interested parties are encouraged to check the previous year's schedule and to forward their requests early using our Request Form.


An architectural plan of the GIT stage and seating area.
  • 178 fixed seats, each equipped with a fold-away writing desk
  • Each row has a letter; each seat has a number. 
  • There is no Standing Room.
  • [Seating plan]

The last row of seats in the center and house left sections of the audience are on the same level as the lobby floor and are therefore recommended for patrons who have difficulty negotiating stairs. As well, there are spaces at the end of the last row of seats designated for wheelchairs.


The theatre has a small lobby that is sufficient for ticket sales and displays. For large receptions and video overflow, the Buttery (the adjacent cafeteria) can be rented.


  • Basement of the theatre (Men and Women access from the east door of the theatre lobby)
  • Basement of the Larkin Building, through the Buttery (Men access from the south-east staircase; Women access from the south-west staircase)
  • There is an accessible washroom in the Buttery (North-west corner, near the theatre)

People who have difficulty negotiating stairs may prefer to use the washrooms on the second floor of the Larkin building. These washrooms can be accessed via the elevator on the east side of the Larkin building. They may also use the Accessible Washroom in the Buttery.

Public Telephones

  • South-east side of the Larkin Building (through the cafeteria)
  • West side of Trinity College (door just north of chapel)


  • Parking: Trinity College Parking Lot behind the theatre (Coin operated ticket machine); On-street parking beside the theatre (Coin operated); Innis College parking lot (accessible from St. George Street)
  • TTC: St. George Subway Station, Bedford Street Exit, walk South to Bloor, cross Bloor Street, turn right (west) and walk around Varsity Stadium along Devonshire Place, turn left at first staircase, turn left at top of stairs (the theatre is on the right.)
  • TTC: Museum Subway Station, walk south to Hoskin Avenue, do not cross street as it turns but continue walking west to Devonshire Place (first right), turn right (north) and walk north to first staircase, turn left at top of stairs (the theatre is on the right.)
  • Street Map

Accessible Entrances

The theatre is accessible for audience members only. The sidewalk to the front door to the theatre (and lobby) is a long gradual ramp. Although the shortest access to the theatre from the parking lot is through the rear of the auditorium, we recommend that everyone use the front entrance. We do not have a telephone in the lobby or at the rear door, so you cannot call us if you are in trouble or waiting to gain access.

Access Routes

 (N.B.the Buttery is the cafeteria located adjacent to the theatre)

  • Buttery Open: (Daytime access or by Special Arrangement) Leave the parking lot by the north-east corner, travel south around the Larkin Building and enter from the (automatic opening) south-east door. Cross the cafeteria from the south-east corner to the north-west corner and enter the theatre via the theatre lobby.
  • Buttery Closed: (The usual scenario evenings and weekends) Leave the parking lot by the north-east corner, travel south-westerly around the Larkin building to the the glass front doors to the theatre.
  • Parking Lot: The rear door of the theatre opens onto the loading area for theatre (no steps involved). However, there are no door handles on these rear doors. They can only be opened from the inside. If you wish to use this route, you must make arrangements in advance. We recommend that you use the front door of the theatre.

Please help us to accommodate you by alerting us that you plan to attend and by letting us know what you need well in advance.

N.B. There are 16 steps down to stage level.