Trinity students awarded top honours across campus 

Thank you to all those who participated in our recent Trinity College Alumni survey on Career Development.

We had an excellent overall response rate, with respondents spanning over 50 years of graduating years and living in every corner of the globe. Many took the time to augment their feedback with in-depth comments and suggestions; although we had proposed formats and topics that we thought would be of broad interest, there were a few surprises and many, many new ideas put forward. Thank you for making this exercise such a fruitful one!

As a reminder, the purpose of this survey was to inform the next steps in enhancing opportunities for Alumni to connect in the context of their professional life. The questions asked your opinion of the relative value of investing in new programs around networking, roundtables and mentorship.

Some of the key findings:

  • Over 75% of respondents were willing to share their career advice with other alumni (both younger and older)
  • Of those that live in the GTA, over 80% are interested in attending local roundtables focused on career networking and development
  • Almost a third would be interested in acting as a panelist at such a roundtable
  • Some of the more popular topics for roundtables include: Women in Leadership, Nonprofit/Community Engagement, Arts and Culture, Entrepreneurship

These findings were consistent across the alumni cohorts. We also heard from many alumni outside of Toronto looking to find a way to stay engaged from a distance; we recognize that this is a challenge, and hope to extend our existing outreach activities by taking advantage of new technologies to reach as many alumni as possible, regardless of their location.

Next Steps

We’re excited to announce that we will be launching this series of roundtables starting in the fall of 2015. Our hope is to schedule two events over the course of the academic year, and will be communicating more on this in when we have finalized dates and topics. Beyond this event series, we’re also planning to create new initiatives for alumni of all career stages to connect for career advice and mentoring; look for further communication on this in the fall.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Alumni Affairs office with your questions and suggestion at

Thank you again for your participation!

Peter Wismath 9T4
Chair, Alumni Association of Trinity College