Trinity students awarded top honours across campus 

Once again, Trinity students are being recognized for their academic excellence and student leadership in high numbers. In addition to our new Rhodes scholar, Caroline Leps, a number of Trinity students have been announced as the winners of prestigeous awards and scholarships in the last few weeks. 

The John H. Moss Scholarship

Each year, the Moss Scholarship honours one student who enhances the student experience for his or her peers at the university and is committed to outreach and involvement through extracurricular activities.

Jozef Kosc
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Green Ribbon Award for 2015 (student category)

The Green Ribbon Awards recognize outstanding achievements in campus sustainability. Each year one award to an individual or group is made in each of the four categories: Student, Faculty, Staff and External. Awards are made for the nominee’s direct contribution to the minimization of negative impacts on the environment, the conservation of natural resources or the promotion of biodiversity on campus.

Helen Willoughby


University of Toronto Student Engagement in the Arts Award

University of Toronto Student Engagement in the Arts Awards recognize undergraduate and graduate student work outside the classroom in arts related activities.  Previous recipients of the awards have been recognized for dance, theatre, curation, visual arts and arts administration activities.  Students from all campuses are eligible for these awards. 

Allison Spiegel


The Cressy Awards

Cressy Awards recognize graduating students for outstanding contributions to improving the world around them and inspiring others to do the same.

Patrick Andison
Elizabeth Benn
Jody Chan
Celine Collis
Sebastian Dutz
Adam Kaszuba
Jozef Kosc
Natalie Lai
Sarah Levy
Ka-Lin Cara Lew
Meghan Peterson
Derekshan Qurban-Ali
Tina Saban
Zane Avie Sobie Schwartz
Allison Spiegel
Daniel Szulc
Larysa Workewych
Wendy Ye