Trinity's Patrick Quinton-Brown receives 2014 John H. Moss Scholarship

Patrick Quinton-Brown is the recipient of the 2014 John H. Moss Scholarship, showing his intellectual leadership and ability through his passion for international relations and his compassion for others, especially those affected by mass atrocities.

Mr. Quinton-Brown, 22, is a fourth-year International Relations student at Trinity College. He has a CGPA of 4.0 and his contributions to his colleagues and the community have been equally impressive. He was president of the International Relations Society, and co-founder and president of both the Student Voice Initiative and Syria Watch, among many other activities on and off campus.

He was “ecstatic” when he learned he had won the scholarship in a phone call just as he was passing the Chapel at Trinity College. “It’s really important,” he said when interviewed about receiving the award. “It makes it possible for me to pursue my goal of completing an MPhil in international relations at Oxford University.”

Dr. Arne Kislenko, a national teaching fellow in the International Relations Program at the Munk School of Global Affairs, said Mr. Quinton-Brown “is in all honesty one of the most impressive students I’ve met in nearly 22 years of teaching. What makes him more remarkable is that he is also very nice, extremely modest, respectful and thoughtful.”

Mr. Quinton-Brown believes he can merge his two overriding passions – international affairs and film making – into something that can have an impact on public policy.

Unlike most undergraduate students, his research work has already been published, including a report delivered in Brazil on “state dissenters” to the “responsibility to protect” principle, developed by an international body that included Michael Ignatieff, the former federal Liberal leader and a lecturer at the Munk School of Global Affairs.

Since his trips to Auschwitz and Srebrenica, he has been determined to devote his academic and professional career to the ongoing struggle for effective mass atrocity prevention. As a first-year student he passionately supported the NATO intervention in Libya, which represented the first full-blown implementation of the “responsibility to protect” principle (R2P) in history.

Mr. Quinton-Brown says his hobby is film-making (winning an award for his short film Wired for Change that promoted the role of social media in empowering democracy) and believes “film can be such a powerful advocacy medium, even more than written works can achieve. As someone said, research is only as good as it’s disseminated.”

He hopes to one day either work for an organization such as the United Nations or stay in academia, and perhaps consult for public sector agencies.

Mairi MacDonald, Director of the International Relations Program, said “Patrick’s energy level is nothing short of astonishing. He has been unfailingly generous with his fellow students, demonstrating great leadership abilities within the University community.”

Jonathan Steels, Dean of Students at Trinity, said Quinton-Brown’s “values are rooted in justice and equality and his chosen involvement and leadership directly illustrate this. Patrick moves easily between academic, social and other communities and is very highly regarded by those in all areas and at all levels.”

The John H. Moss Scholarship, created by the University of Toronto Alumni Association (UTAA), was first awarded in 1921. Past winners of this prestigious award have included accomplished alumni such as Trinity Fellow Mark Kingwell and former Trinity student Craig Kielburger. This scholarship and several other awards including the Faculty Award and the Chancellor’s Award were united under the banner of Awards of Excellence in the 1990’s.  The program annually recognizes the outstanding members of the University of Toronto community who have made rich and meaningful contributions to the University, their communities and to the world.  The central Alumni Relations office administers and manages all aspects of the award program, including co-ordinating the vital contributions of other stakeholder groups from across the University.

Mr. Quinton-Brown and all other 2014 Awards of Excellence recipients will be honoured at a ceremony at the Isabel Bader Theatre on April 1.