Scholarships and Prizes

Entrance Scholarships

The Jubilee Scholarship This scholarship was founded in 1851 by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, in commemoration of the sesquicentenary of its incorporation. It is tenable only in the Divinity Class of Trinity College, and is awarded to the student registered at Trinity who obtains the best degree in the Faculty of Arts.

The Dean Grasett Scholarship

This scholarship, the bequest of the late Colonel H.J. Grasett, C.M.G., is awarded to a student who has graduated in Arts in a recognized university to assist him or her in taking a course in the Faculty of Divinity at Trinity College. The scholarship is tenable for two years.

Prizes and General Scholarships

Prizes and other scholarships are awarded by the College at the annual Convocation for Degrees in May, on the recommendation of the Faculty of Divinity's Committee of the Teaching Staff. The awards recognize highest academic achievement in a course, discipline, or academic year. To be eligible for a discipline prize, the student will have taken more than the required number of courses in a department. For year prizes, students may not have any courses standing deferred, and will have participated in the life of the community.

First Year

Dean Feilding Scholarship Year Prize
Sidney Childs Prize Introduction to Systematic Theology
Rupert Fenwick Williams Prize Introduction to New Testament
Doolittle Prize in Reading Most Improved Preaching Skills
Canon G.B. Morley Memorial Prize New Testament Greek Course

Second Year

Archbishop Kingston Memorial Scholarship Year Prize*
Fourth Bishop of Toronto's Prize Year Prize (Second)*
McDonald Prize Biblical Studies
Alexander Burnside Chafee Prize Best Preaching Skills
Canon P.M. Lamb Prize New Testament Greek Course

* For M.Div. and L.Th. students, average will be taken for the 1st through 16th credits since internship is pass/fail.

Third Year

Gordon Kent Stephen Memorial Prize Year Prize
J. Nicholson Prize Liturgics
Dominion Regalia Prize Liturgics
Dorothy Shuter Prize Liturgics
McDonald Prize Biblical Studies
Canadian Bible Society Prize Best Preaching Skills
Divinity Associates' Prize for College Involvement* Community Life
Governor General's Silver Medal Highest M.Div. Average Overall

Any Year

Canon Charles Frederick Pashler Prize Ethics and Society Course
Hamilton Memorial Prize Honour's Thesis (First)
Kent Testimonial Prize Honour's Thesis (Second)
Spencer Prize in Mission Study Christian Missionary Work/Study
Margaret L. Muckle Prize Philosophy of Religion Studies
Margaret L. Muckle Prize Church History Studies
College Prize in Hebrew Christian Education Studies
Maude Hall Coombs Scholarship Hebrew Course
Romney M. Moseley Memorial Prize
(Multicultural Studies, Biomedical and Social
Ethics, or Third World Christianity)
Gartshore Integrity Award** Advanced Degree
Gender Issues

* Divinity Associates' Prize

This prize, first awarded in 1998, is given to the graduating basic degree student who has best demonstrated an involvement in the community life of Trinity College. The recipient is chosen by the Divinity Associates Executive in consultation with the Dean and Co-Heads of Divinity. The Co-Heads of Divinity are not eligible for the award.

** Gartshore Integrity Award

This award, the gift of Mr. John Gartshore, will be made on the basis of financial need and academic ability, with preference given to students whose work focuses on questions of sexual orientation in theology and in the practice and teaching of the contemporary church. First consideration will be given to Trinity students, but other TST students are also eligible.

The Frederick Le Maitre Grasett Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a graduate in the Faculty of Divinity, in order to enable him or her to proceed to further studies.