Trinity College has embarked on the restoration of historic Strachan Hall and a renovation of the kitchen and servery. This project will transform the design and size of the servery and create a new kitchen with state-of-the-art food preparation equipment. The project will also see the restoration the Strachan Hall dining room.

The kitchen and its equipment have not been upgraded in well over three decades, and every piece of equipment is worn out and will be replaced.

The Strachan Hall dining room will undergo careful cleaning and restoration, which will return the hall to its original splendor. Care will be taken to ensure that the historic features, art, and architecture of the dining hall are not altered. The restoration will include cleaning the trussed roof, restoring the chandeliers, and cleaning the 17th-century Flemish tapestry.

This project will dramatically improve the quality of the student experience at Trinity College. It will also preserve the traditions and the fond memories that are shared by all of our alumni.


The Table and Chair Naming Campaign

The students of Trinity College have committed $300,000 of their own funds to the Strachan Hall Restoration Project. This is an extraordinary affirmation of the importance of Strachan Hall to Trinity Students.

In response, we are challenging the alumni and friends of Trinity to raise $300,000 in   matching funds. Donations will be used to supplement the student contribution to the restoration of Strachan Hall and to help fund the associated kitchen renovation. To achieve this goal, Trinity is offering alumni and friends the opportunity to permanently name a chair or a table in Strachan Hall. This is an ideal way for you to have your name visibly connected with the centre of student life at Trinity or to honour a friend or family member. Names will be inscribed on plaques. The dining room chair plaques will be prominently placed on the back of the chair, and High Table chair plaques will be on the arm of the chair. Table plaques will be affixed at the mid-point of the side edges so as to be visible on both sides of the table. There are 240 dining room chairs and 24 student tables available for naming. Also available for naming are the three tables that make up the High Table, 12 High Table chairs, and the round table at the Oriel Window.


Item Number Available Donation Needed for Naming
Dining Room Chairs 240 $1,000
High Table Chairs 12 $2,500 (SOLD OUT)
Dining Room Tables 24 $5,000
Round Table at the Oriel Window 1 $15,000 (SOLD OUT)
High Tables 3 1

$15,000 (SOLD OUT)


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You will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your gift.

For more information, please contac Michael Page, Development Officer, Leadership and Annual Giving at 416-946-7426  or