Prof. Stephen Scharper

Director of Sustainability (on leave); TRN140Y1 Ethics, Humans, and Nature
Fellow of the College
Gerald Larkin Building: 15 Devonshire Pl, LA 320, 3rd Floor
Tel: 416-978-3293  83293

BA English, University of Toronto, 1982

MA Theology, Toronto School of Theology, 1986

PhD Religious Studies, McGill University, 1997

Teaching Area:
Teaching is in the areas of environmental ethics, environment, culture and film, religious ethics and the environment, worldviews and ecology, liberation theology, ethics of violence and nonviolence as well as nature and the city.

Research Interests:
Past research concerns the involvement of religion in environmental concerns, and the type of rethinking within religious traditions the ecological challenge has spawned, especially in the areas of cosmology, ontology, religious anthropology, and ethics, with a specialization on the possibilities, prospects, and challenges of Christian involvement in this emerging conversation. Current research builds on my previous investigation into the ontological questions of the human role brought into question by ecological concerns and examines issues of poverty and social justice in connection to ecological approaches. I am continuing to probe the implications of the preferential option for the poor and a liberationist perspective for environmental studies. My research explores the question to what extent the “ecological crisis” runs along the same fault lines as economic, political, racial and gendered oppression, and the challenges raised by religious juxtaposition of social justice perspectives and cosmological perspectives in an environmental context.


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• Book. The Natural City: Re-envisioning the Built Environment. Co-edited with Ingrid Stefanovic. University of Toronto Press, 2012.
• Book. Redeeming the Time: A Political Theology of the Environment. Continuum Publishing Company, New York, 1997 (cloth), 1998 (paper) (third printing 2005).

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Awards, Affiliations, Personal Interests, etc.:

• Fellow, Lonergan Research Institute, Regis College, 2013
• Senior Fellow, Massey College, University of Toronto, 2011
• Member, Canadian Pugwash Group (invitation only), 2010
• Associate Fellow, Trinity College, University of Toronto, 2010
• Faculty Associate, Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto, 2007
• Selected for Who’s Who in Canada, University of Toronto Press, 2004.
• Selected for Who’s Who in the 21st Century, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, 2002.
• Selected for Who’s Who in Religion, 1992-93, Fourth edition, Marquis Publications.
• Visiting Fellow, University of St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto, 1998-2004.
• Senior Resident, Massey College, University of Toronto, 1997-1999.
• Fellow, Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame, 1996-1999.
• The John A. O’Brien Visiting Chair in Ethics, University of Notre Dame, 1998-1999.

Stephen Scharper