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Hub for Graduating Students

Welcome to the hub for graduating students. Below you will find useful information and links to prepare for graduation. For information about academic programs & support services, financial matters and student & campus life, please visit the main Divinity Hub.


Application to Graduate: Students who intend to graduate in May will have to complete the Application to Graduate Form before November. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all of the requirements of their program of study are completed.

The Ceremony: Convocation takes place in Strachan Hall at 7:30 p.m. in May of each year (usually the second Tuesday of May). Graduands will gather in the front hall by the Welcome Desk at 7:00 p.m. with an academic gown and (optional) hood.

Hoods: Graduands who wish to rent or purchase a hood for the Convocation Ceremony are advised to contact Harcourts at 360 Adelaide Street West, Suite 300, Toronto ON M5V 1R7 or 416-977-4408. This company has supplied robes and hoods for Trinity College and knows the College’s standards for design. Please note: if you choose to supply your own hood, you will carry the hood on your arm until the awarding of the degree, after which you may wear it. For those who do not bring a hood, the Registrar will have one on hand with which to confer the degree, but it will be removed immediately for use with the next student.

Academic Gowns: Academic gowns must be worn. You may purchase your own or borrow one in the Boardroom on the night of Convocation. You do not need to reserve one in advance, as there will be an ample supply on hand. DMin, ThD and PhD students, however, should contact the Faculty of Divinity to borrow a gown.

Photographs: The Faculty of Divinity will advise graduands in due course for fall photo day arrangements. In addition, on the day of Convocation, group photos of graduands are often taken by a professional photographer following Convocation Eucharist in the Trinity College Chapel – these photos are complimentary and digital copies will be shared with graduates. 

Invitations: Invitations will be distributed at the beginning of April. We estimate that we will be able to supply each graduand with eight invitations, which may be used to invite friends and family to Convocation Ceremony.

Important Links for Graduating Students

Questions? Contact:

Faculty of Divinity: divinity@trinity.utoronto.ca or 416-978-2133